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Tucker Carlson has ‘awakened’ United Airlines about the pilot’s commitment to diversity and said that ‘race and gender are really irrelevant’

TUCKER Carlson attacked United Airlines to announce their new “diversity” policy tonight.

The Fox News host turned his attention to the airline after the company announced that 50% of its pilots would be women or people of color on Wednesday night.


Tucker Carlson blew up the airline tonightCredit: Fox News

“OK, but why exactly should we care about those numbers? The job of the airline pilot is to land a plane safely,” Carlson the sole job of a pilot is “not to kill.”

HIs comments come later United Airlines announced on Tuesday that “our flight deck should reflect the diverse group of people on our plane every day.”

“That’s why we plan for 50[percent] Out of the 5,000 pilots we train for over the next decade are women or people of color, “the airline tweeted.

But Carlson notes that as a passenger, he doesn’t care if the pilot is “black woman, Malaysian Muslim or white man from Alabama”, as long as they are the best for Work.

Being the most talented, safe-conscious pilot should be “the only criterion that matters,” said the television expert.

Carlson described the company’s announcement as a “race attack” and declared that “the logic of identity politics” is a “path of morbid thinking.”

He said that “the action caused reactions” and warned that the “awakening” brigade attacking people for qualities they could not control would “radicalize” them, leading to a ” Tribes fight with each other for the spoils.

“How does that make us safer? It’s divisive and endangers us,” Carlson said.

More to follow …

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