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Twelve copies, ending filming of Gianfranco Gallo – Cinema’s first work

– The shooting of “Dodici Repliche”, the debut work of Gianfranco Gallo, famous actor of theater, cinema, and television, as a feature film director, has ended.
“Four weeks of working on my first movie, including tampons and strict adherence to anti-covid19 safety regulations – Gallo said – filled my heart with joy and satisfaction. A happy time, in such a dark time for art around the world, this has brought new joy and confidence to all who work on set … from the cast to Technical executives Now the stage of sophisticated editing is just beginning, but I’ve got my next movie as a director.
The story, set in 2016, at the time the Cirinn√† Law was passed, focuses on Andrea Michelini’s character under the alias Gianfranco Gallo, a critically acclaimed artist coming in theaters for “twelve the last “copy of a successful show” Banana Blu “, a Neapolitan version of” La Cage aux folles “, written by Michelini, is currently in season 5. ‘is the mate of Rolando Spinelli (Gianni Parisi), in the comedy “Antoine”.
viewers from a variety of angles.
“Twelve copies,” he emphasized, “is not a cinematic version of a theatrical performance, but an audiovisual work intended to represent a very important historical-social moment. such as the shift from classical homosexuality, in which it is accepted that a person is forced to explain an acceptable pattern with the customs of the time, until the LGBT movement conquers the right of me “.
Among the actors, besides Gianfranco Gallo as well as Parisi are: Gianluca Di Gennaro, Roberto Azzurro, Elvis Esposito, Peppe Miale, Lisa Imperatore, Mariacarla Casillo, Ester Gatta with special participation of Margherita Di Rauso and Franco Iavarone. Among the venues are Palazzo Raucci in Cardito (Naples), the old port of Bacoli and Santa Maria Capuavetere’s theater Garibaldi. The film was produced by Max adv in collaboration with Gesco, Silver Prince, An.tra.cine and Umberto Cristiano. (HANDLING).


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