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Tyler Wanlass is Buffer’s VP of Design

I am very happy to share that Tyler Wanlass recently became Buffer’s Vice President of Design. 🎉

Tyler has been with the Buffer team for over 5 years now, initially joining as Product Manager before moving on to be our first Design Manager.

Throughout 2020, while we were hiring a new Product leader, Tyler took that role temporarily and did an incredible job. I was impressed with how much he juggled, worked at a high level, and contributed at all levels from the leadership team to the 1: 1 individual level with members of the product team. He excellently leads Products, introduces new processes and associations, and puts everything in a great place to Maria, ours CPO, come and take us to new heights. Since working with Maria, he has formed a strong partnership and together they have hit some incredible milestones and together bring new energy to the way we continue. Products in general.

An important reflection that I have had over the past six months is that at Buffer, we always talk about Products at the core of Buffer. We are a truly product-based organization that puts Products at the center of everything we do. We don’t have a sales team and much of our growth comes from word of mouth based on customer experience. With this in mind, I began to realize that having two Product leaders, both Maria and Tyler, on the leadership team would be the most suitable structure for the future and help us create the balance and approach. Approach to strategy over time. The VP of Design was not a role we had previously taken on at Buffer, and for the first few months it was natural and powerful. This decision reflects our importance to product innovation and quality, which underpins many of the results we are driving.

I’m grateful for everything Tyler does for Buffer and our customers. Tyler has been a great partner on a number of big decisions this year. I believe the customers and all of us at Buffer are better off thanks to Tyler’s remarkable contributions.



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