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U.S. Premier League: The United States Goes Deeper Into the World of Cricket – Press Releases

BRIARCLIFF MANOR, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 15, 2022 / The U.S. Premier League (USPL) has announced the upcoming launch of its semi-professional, Twenty20 cricket league, officially set for March 18, 2022. The league, powered by Cricket Clubs of Westchester,Offbeet Media Group,USPL Tech, and USPL News, states that Westchester will be in attendance for the launch and that it expects the event will lead to more young talent being developed within the United States and across the world.

The development comes as cricket continues to grow in popularity around the globe. Estimates place the number of people who watch cricket at 2.5B, making it the second-most popular sport worldwide. While the majority of players are found in India, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, the sport has been experiencing growth in Europe and is finding interest in the United States.

“We are excited about launching USPL and helping to grow a sport that is thrilling to both play and watch,” a spokesman for USPL says. “With billions of people across the world watching cricket and Americans loving sports, we believe that our league will receive an enthusiastic reception and help develop more cricket players in the United States.”

USPL says that it has already onboarded over 200 players and that out of its eight teams, the rosters for five are full. “We are finding a lot of interest for the league, which tells us we have a strong future in the tri-state area,” it states.

USPL adds that one of its goals is to bring more diversity to the sports ecosystem within America. “Our country has large South Asian and Caribbean communities, whose members are passionate about cricket. We hope that USPL will be a new way for them to participate in cricket. We also expect that by bringing this widely watched sport to more diverse communities in the United States, people will be brought together over their enjoyment of cricket.”

USPL continues by saying that it is planning to launch the first-ever women’s league as well as a junior league for kids under 17. “We want everyone to have fun with this exciting sport,” the league states.

“At the same time,” USPL continues, “we also endeavor to create a full technology ecosystem using the blockchain that will provide communities with a potentially seamless experience of participation, engagement, gamification, and collaboration.”

That tech ecosystem, the league states, will include live shows, live streams, interviews, profiles, bytes, and music tracks. “It will potentially enable communities to engage and collaborate with each other,” USPL says.

Ultimately, USPL wants its channel to become a conduit of future valuable talent to bigger minor and major cricket leagues. “The outcome, we believe, will be that cricket will become of the mainstream sports in the U.S. sporting landscape.”

The U.S. Premier League (USPL) is a semi-professional cricket league launched by Cricket Clubs of Westchester, Offbeet Media Group, Sandeep Singh, Dinkal Patel, Dr. Ashok Chopra, and Jaideep Singh. USPL aspires to increase the growth of cricket within the United States. For more information about USPL, including upcoming cricket games, please visit the league’s website or contact:

Sandeep Singh (Cricket Clubs of Westchester)
[email protected]

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