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UEFA threatens to ban clubs from joining the breakaway Super League | Football news

European football governing UEFA has warned clubs involved in a breakaway Super League that they will face being banned from domestic and international leagues if they establish. a Champions League opponent.

In a joint statement on Sunday with Spanish, British and Italian federations and federations, UEFA said it would consider “all measures”, including the court, opposing plans for a breakaway competition.

“The clubs involved will be banned from playing in any other league at the domestic, European or world level, and their players may be denied the opportunity to represent these teams. their country, UEFA said.

UEFA will sign separate plans for the Champions League expansion and restructuring on Monday but less than 24 hours before the meeting reported on a new attempt to create a rival competition involving clubs top of the continent.

Sunday media reports suggested an announcement of a Super League plan could be made later in the day.

Sky Sports reports that Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea are among the six Premier League teams that will be on the plan.

“If this happens, we would like to reiterate that we… (and) both FIFA and all of our member associations – will always unite in our efforts to stop this skeptical project, a project. The project was founded on the personal interests of a handful of clubs at a time when society needed more solidarity than ever before, ”said UEFA.

“We will review all measures available to us, at all levels, both judicial and sports to prevent this from happening. Football is based on open competitions and athletic performance; it can’t be any other way, ”the statement added.

In January, the football governing body FIFA said a breakaway tournament will not be recognized and “any club or player participating in such a competition, therefore will not be allowed to participate in any competition held by FIFA or their federation” – means players will be banned from the World Cup.

In a statement issued by the Elysee on Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron said he supported European football’s governing body in his decision to oppose the tournament.

“The president of the republic welcomes the view of French clubs refusing to participate in a European Super League project that threatens principles of solidarity and sporting values,” the statement said.

Mr. Macron added: “The French government will support all steps taken by the LFP, FFF, UEFA and FIFA to protect the integrity of the competition at the federal level, whether national or European,” he said. Macron added, citing national, European and global football governing bodies.

‘Motivated by greed’

The New York Times reported that at least 12 clubs have registered to participate in the competition, including Italian club Juventus and seven-time European champions AC Milan, who have not competed in the Championships. League since 2014.

“It was an illegal, irresponsible and anti-competitive design,” said Fans Europe, a network of football advocates.

“Furthermore, it is completely motivated by greed. The only ones who can make a profit are hedge funds, tycoons and a handful of already wealthy clubs, many of which have poor performance in domestic tournaments. in spite of their having advantages in availability. “

Real Madrid and Barcelona are believed to be two of the teams from Spain.

Former Barca president Josep Maria Bartomeu, when he resigned last October, said he had accepted an offer to let the Catalan giants play in the Super League.

Notably, the two teams that reached the Champions League final last season, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain are among the major European teams that are not present.

“The economic interests of some of the top clubs in England, Italy and Spain must not lead to the elimination of established structures throughout European football,” said the Football Federation manager. German stone Christian Seifert said.

“In particular, it would be irresponsible to let irreparable damage occur to national leagues, the cornerstone of European professional football, in this way.”

The Super League move came as a surprise after the European Clubs Association (ECA), representing the continent’s 246 top clubs, backed UEFA’s reforms, which were on the agenda. for executive committee meeting on Monday.

UEFA proposed increasing from 32 teams to 36 teams and reforming the group stage into a single group instead of the current group of four clubs.

Teams will play 10 games per group stage instead of the six they are currently playing and a play-off round will also be featured before the round of 16.

But while there was broad consensus and those reforms, the ECA has worked late to make changes to competition governing and control.



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