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Uffizi, the lost frescoes appear from the works – Art

UFFIZI (FLORENCE) GUffizi reclaimed 2,000 square meters of ground floor and basement space and surprised the construction with a series of lost frescoes. During the restoration and restoration of the spaces on the museum’s west wing, which is closest to the Ponte Vecchio, the museum explains, the two seventeenth-century frescoes have reappeared: in a painting of the Grand Duke Ferdinand I is depicted in a clypeus and the other depicted a young Cosimo II de ‘Medici in full life form and size, with parables about Florence and Siena, supposedly circular. by artist Bernardino Poccetti (1548-1612).
In another room, all decorations made in the eighteenth century were brought to light, possibly during the reign of Pietro Leopoldo di Lorena.

These spaces, located on the ground floor of the Gallery, will form part of the museum’s entrance and will be visible to the public. A total of nearly 2,000 square meters have been restored, so far inaccessible: eight rooms on the Ponente Wing, 14 on the ground floor of the Levante wing and 21 in the basement, as part of the New Uffizi construction work carried out by the General Manager with the Gallery. Starting from the reopening, you will enter from the section closest to Arno: tickets will be distributed in rooms on the west wing where there will be new gown rooms for groups; The entrance to the museum will be opposite, on the ground floor of the Levante wing. The Medici’s ancient stables have also been restored in the Levante wing basement, where the engineering rooms and changing rooms for the Gallery staff are located. Uffizi Gallery Director Eike Schmidt said: “Over the past five years tremendous progress has been made in restoring spaces – progress now allowing more affordable and safe access to the museum, the organization is more efficient than the receiving points. ”.


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