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Uganda: DRC’s claims declare ‘dangerously disproportionate’ | United Nations News

Uganda says the more than $ 13 billion in compensation the DRC seeks for the Ituri conflict could damage the country’s economy.

Uganda told the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that the multi-billion dollar compensation sought by the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for the former leader’s role in the conflict in Ituri province later included can ruin this country’s economy.

Uganda’s attorney general, William Byaruhanga, told the United Nations court on Thursday that “the DRC’s claims were dangerously disproportionate”.

On Monday, DRC attorneys told the court they were looking for $ 4.3 billion in compensation payments for the alleged victims of Uganda’s participation in the 1998-2003 conflict in Ituri rich in minerals.

They also claimed an additional $ 2.8 billion in damages to wildlife, $ 5.7 billion for macroeconomic losses, and more than $ 700 million for the loss of natural resources. course – bringing total claims to over $ 13 billion.

DRC’s representative in court, Paul-Crispin Kakhozi Bin-Bulongo, told the judges that the damage Uganda caused to his country during the conflict in Ituri was “inadequate level” and said that Uganda did not negotiate in good faith in the compensation negotiations. .

The protracted dispute over Uganda’s participation in Ituri was first brought to court in 1999. In 2005, the ICJ ruled that Uganda had violated international law by occupying parts of eastern Congo province. with your own army and supporting other armed groups in the area during the conflict.

It also ruled that the DRC violated international law with an attack on the Ugandan embassy in Kinshasa.

The court asked neighboring countries to negotiate compensation for each other. However, in 2015, the DRC went back to the United Nations court saying that negotiations had not progressed.

After forming a committee of experts to help them evaluate the amount of damages, the court will hold hearings this week before making a decision on compensation.



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