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United Nations Security Council through ceasefire surveillance in Libya | United Nations News

The UN resolution also calls on Libya’s new solidarity government to prepare for the free and fair elections on December 24.

The United Nations Security Council has given the green light to the deployment of 60 UN ceasefire surveillance to Libya and urged the country’s new unity government to prepare for free, fair elections. and covers December 24th.

A ceasefire in Libya has been held since October, but the main route across the front line from Sirte to Misrata remains closed. On Friday, the Security Council unanimously approved Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ proposal to deploy the screens.

“Monitors will be deployed to Sirte once all UN permanent presence requirements have been met, including security, logistics, medical and operational aspects,” Guterres write to the council on April 7.

“In the meantime, a forward presence will be established in Tripoli, as soon as conditions become available,” he said.

Libya’s unified government was sworn in on March 15 from two warring governments that once ruled the eastern and western regions, completing a smooth transition of power after a decade of turmoil. violence.

In a resolution passed on Friday, the Security Council emphasized “the full, equal and meaningful participation of women and the inclusion of young people” in the elections.

Libya fell into chaos following the toppling of NATO-backed Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. The country was split in 2014 between the internationally recognized Government of the National Treaty (GNA) on the side. West and the forces to the east of the commanding officer Khalifa Haftar.

Haftar is supported by the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Russia, while GNA is supported by Turkey.

The two factions, each supported by foreign powers, fought for more than a year before Haftar was forced to retreat.

In October they agree to cease fire, establishing a United Nations-led process, including a new transitional government formed in February.

The resolution passed in New York on Friday calls for the creation of a 60-member ceasefire surveillance unit in the UN mission to Libya, known as UNSMIL.

This is separate from a ceasefire surveillance mechanism that the combatants themselves are trying to create.

The Security Council also strongly urged countries to respect and support the ceasefire, including the “immediate” withdrawal of all foreign forces and mercenaries and require full compliance. The country’s arms embargo against Libya.

Russian Mercenary Wagner, sent to Libya to support Haftar and accused of setting up civilian areas with deadly traps when he pulled out of Tripoli last year, remains entrenched around Sirte and other parts of the country.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said last year that if there were Russians in Libya, they would not be his representative or be paid for by his government.

According to spokesman Stephane Dujarric, the Turkish military’s presence in Libya and mercenaries from Russia, Syria, Chad and Sudan, remains “a major concern”.

But for the UN observer mission, unarmed, “the focus will be on the ceasefire,” he said.



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