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United States: Bernie Madoff dies in prison – North America

Bernie Madoff, architect of one of the greatest scams in history, died in prison. According to the American media, Madoff died of natural causes. Madoff died at the age of 82. He was arrested in December 2008 after a mole, later identified as one of his children, reported him. He was once sentenced to 150 years in prison for fraud and money laundering. The scam he committed was worth $ 50 billion, perhaps one of the biggest in the world: he’s run it for years and no one, both the authorities and the investors, has been each get out. Born April 29, 1938, Madoff founded his first company in 1960 by investing the $ 5,000 he earned as a beach lifeguard. Madoff was then president of Nasdaq, the tech list, which he has managed to appeal to top companies like Apple, Sun Microsystems, Google and Cisco System. The position he holds has earned him an outstanding reputation and is therefore an almost unconditional trust on which he defrauded. However, the 2008 Wall Street crisis twisted Madoff’s near-perfect plan, forcing Madoff to confess to his children that the company’s fortunes were wrong.


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