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Unity Spine & Joint Explains How Chiropractors in Phoenix Can Offer Rapid Pain Relief – Press Releases

Unity Spine & Joint, based in Tempe, AZ, has explained in a blog post how chiropractors in Phoenix are able to provide rapid pain relief. The article explains that chiropractic care is a kind of alternative therapy that is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of the spinal and musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors are capable of treating injuries and spine-related problems using non-invasive and natural methods.

The chiropractors are able to provide rapid pain relief because the non-invasive therapy that they use allows the joint to move in a normal manner and therefore minimizes inflammation. Another technique that they use is a form of high-velocity adjustment, in which the patient is asked to relax his or her head in the hands of the chiropractor, who will quickly thrust the head in such a way that there is a cracking sound. There are also other gentler adjustment methods that they use for providing quick pain relief.

It is important to note that the manipulations that they perform on the lumbar spine are a safe and effective way to eliminate pain. Although chiropractic therapy cannot cure every disease or illness, in many cases, it can be used to reverse the cause of the pain. For instance, for patients who are experiencing neck pain, taking pain-relief medication will remove the symptoms but a chiropractor will treat the cause of the pain without using drugs. The problem with taking medication is that it will only get rid of the symptoms temporarily.

Chiropractors focus on the nervous system because this is the system that controls everything in the body. From reflexive responses to every single movement that a person makes, these are all controlled by the nervous system. Chiropractors that specialize in car accident injuries are of the belief that an unhealthy spine is one of the primary reasons for the aches and pains that they experienced in the body. The adjustment techniques that they use can offer drug-free pain relief and are a suitable alternative for patients who don’t want to take medication to treat their condition.

Meanwhile, the chiropractors at Unity Spine & Joint can also provide whiplash treatment in Avondale. For whiplash treatment in Avondale, people can go to one of their pain stop clinics in the area. Clinicians will assess the extent of the injury and establish an action blueprint for the recovery process. Most patients suffering from whiplash end up fully recovering as long as appropriate care is provided as early as possible.

They offer several general recommendations for people immediately after the injury. They will want to place an ice pack on the specific area to minimize swelling and to prevent the inflammation from negatively affecting the neighboring body tissue. Ice packs need to be wrapped in paper towels to make sure that the pack itself is not directly placed on the skin. They suggest using a staggered system of placing the ice on the neck for approximately five minutes and then removing it for ten minutes. This cycle will prevent inflammation while allowing the skin to breathe a little bit in between compressions.

Meanwhile, they also want to point out that physical exercise is one of the key components of rehabilitation. Those who have an appointment with a sports injury pain clinic in Avondale can expect to perform some physical exercise in between sessions to enhance the mobility of the affected areas. Muscles that are gently stretched out using the appropriate rehab exercises are expected to recover relatively quickly. It is important to make sure to perform the exercise at the correct intervals as instructed by the professionals who are in charge of the patient’s recovery plan.

A car accident chiropractor in Avondale will help the patient come up with a plan to help stop the pain. Chiropractors will typically start with an intake process that will include a complete review of the patient’s medical history. Even if the injury is relatively new, there may be aggravating factors that originate from an earlier incident. When chiropractors have access to the patient’s complete medical history, they’ll be better able to help the patient find the proper treatment plan. Muscles that have been strained two or three times over a period of years can become less limber and may require heavier treatment.

When looking for pain clinics in Phoenix and neighboring areas, people can check out the Unity Spine & Joint website, or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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