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‘Unloved and angry’, megacap technology stocks are ready for a breakout, technical analyst said.


Seven months of relatively inefficient consolidation and underperformance have left the sentiment and positioning for megacap technology stocks, said one technical analyst. See full story.

Prince Philip – active patron of Queen Elizabeth II’s business organizations and consort – passed away at age 99

The Duke in particular dislikes corporate executives who tend to give slick speeches during royal visits, and prefers to take them out if they haven’t mastered his briefs yet. See full story.

The stock’s short-term signal is bullish, but Peter Lynch’s long-term investment advice still applies

Legendary fund manager says buy what you know and what’s important in this fun-trigger market. See full story.

China’s crackdown on bitcoin contradicts Peter Thiel’s belief that it is a ‘financial weapon’ against the US

Thiel’s previous statements about bitcoin, coupled with China’s overall policy on cryptocurrencies, seem to contradict his most recent analysis. See full story.

‘Prayer enough. Time for some action ‘: Biden announces the gun control steps

President Joe Biden on Thursday announced actions to curb gun violence, calling it an epidemic “to stop.” See full story.


Formal entertainment sources are back as people prepare to reintegrate into society following COVID-19’s year-long isolation. See full story.



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