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Unreasonable Mexico and Sinaloa will give training 50 thousand pesos free of charge

April 12, 2021

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Mexico doesn’t make sense and Sinaloa government through the Ministry of Economy decided to create Unreasonable challenge in Sinaloa that they’ll be looking for, March 17 through May 17, the 10 most innovative businesses in the state working on social or environmental problem .

During the first phase of the challenge, the 10 best entrepreneurs are selected so that they can then receive the training they need to take their business to the next level.

“We wanted to find the 10 businesses with the greatest potential to solve the state’s most pressing environmental and social problems so they could receive training in leadership, communication, and paradigm reinforcement. their business and others. We also want them to connect with the rest of the entrepreneurs, creating a supportive community of life, ”said Sabina Malacón, Innovation Director at Unreational Mexico.

To be a part of the Sinaloa challenge, it is necessary to reside in the organization, be of legal age, have a business that seeks to address a social or environmental issue or match UN Sustainable Development Goals and there is a prototype or endorsement of the product or service on the market. The challenge, although with an approximate value of 50,000 pesos, will be virtual and 100% free for entrepreneurs.

Strengthen your skills as a company manager in the new economy and design best practices for your team. Assemble the ideal architecture for your venture and create a results-oriented company with the Unreasonable Challenge Sinaloa will announce winners on June 2, who will be able to experience irrational style training course from June 21 to July 2.

In order to complement the synergy between Entity and Unreasonable Mexico, the “Let’s Talk” program was created, aimed at strengthening the managerial, leadership, financial, and sales capacity of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. , teachers and college students from Sinaloa through open, 100% digital and free sessions from experts in topics such as marketing, finance, leadership, impact, trends, etc.

Sessions will take place weekly, every Tuesday, at 4pm Sinaloa time from April to 22nd.

For more information about the Sinaloa Challenge, visit the following page: WWW.SINALOAIRRAZONABLE.COM



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