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Updates Florida voter registration

In Florida, the voter registration deadline is two more weeks, on Oct. 5. Florida is an important state for both the presidency and the state legislature’s control over redistricting. division. My team at the Princeton Gerrymandering Project has determined that Florida is one of those some states where elections (as opposed to reform) are the primary way to gain bipartisan control over regional redistribution.

Today I’m reporting on the best way to make an impact in Florida. There are a few ways forward, though they’re less district-specific and more expensive than I initially expected.

Over the course of this campaign season I have highlighted the possibility of registering hundreds of thousands of people who were re-offended for felony crimes. Initially 1.4 million people were eligible to be implemented by a state constitutional amendment, but the legislature reduced this number by more than half by requiring the payment of fines, fees and damages in advance. . The remaining 600,000 people still qualify.

In general, the state’s most important legislative counties in any state are the most profitable counties. A quick roadmap for forgiveness and registration has been set in three counties: Miami-Dade (5 key districts), Palm Beach (2 key districts), and Hillsborough (3 key districts). Can these voters be registered on time? There are attempts to do so.

In particular, there is a serious effort in Miami-Dade County. Dozens of professional attorneys are available to help, and former State Senator Jason Pizzo, public defender, and county government are working together. They still need an organizational structure for persuading and recruiting applicants, and a funding mechanism. This is a great investment in the long term. People care to help their current efforts should get in touch.

If you want to help make up for this year’s elections, I recommend supporting the local political parties in those three counties. They are now added to the redistricting fundraising link on the right bar. [ActBlue] [WinRed]

Finally, I should note that I have some reservations about supporting an organization I mentioned earlier, Florida’s Alliance for Restoration of Rights. They registered 4,000 voters at a cost of $ 4 million. This is a worthwhile goal, but it is specifically targeted at clearing fine, fee and compensation payments. The FRRC does not prioritize the rapid voter registration of those whose path is clear. That said, they could still be a good choice for the presidential race, at least given the cost of buying media in such resource saturation. We are talking about tens of thousands of votes, not hundreds of thousands. But it can make a difference.

My understanding is that the FRRC can reach re-licensees for around $ 500 on average. They are not what I wrote, on the grounds that they are doing it statewide, not local. From a voter power standpoint in the presidential race, Florida is definitely in the top 10. And Florida’s results will be on Election Night, which could be a big deal since a clear win could stop. blocking a protracted conflict. I note that Bloomberg has recruited a number of sponsors to go all in FRRC support.



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