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US durable goods orders rose again in March, but supply shortages are still affecting buildings.

The numbers: US orders for durable goods rebounded in March after performing poorly last month, but major supply shortages are still hindering manufacturers as they race to follow suit. keep up with increasing demand from customers.

Durable goods orders rose 0.5% last month, the government said on Monday. These are products such as electronics, home appliances, machinery, cars, and other transportation equipment that have a lifespan of at least three years.

Economists surveyed by the Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal forecast a 2.2% increase.

However, in March, orders will triple if not due to plummeting orders for commercial and military aircraft.

Orders fell for the first time in February since the pandemic began, mainly due to unusually severe winter weather and a sharp drop in car output due to a lack of key computer chips.

However, one problem that few companies face is lack of demand.

The US economy accelerated after another major federal stimulus and a decline in coronavirus infections. By virtually any measure, demand for a wide range of manufactured goods is increasing and it is unlikely to see any decline in the near future.

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Market reaction: Dow Jones industrial average
+ 0.15%

and the S&P 500
+ 0.17%

was set to open slightly higher in Monday deals.



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