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US House of Representatives passes bill blocking another ‘Islamic ban’ | News of the Muslim ban

The US House of Representatives passed a bill that restricts any US president’s ability to impose a travel ban on religious grounds, a move welcomed by civil rights advocates as ” a big step forward “.

The act, informally known as the SPACE Act, was introduced in response to former President Donald Trump Controversial “Islamic ban” that has banned travel to the United States from certain Muslim majority countries.

The bill, which must also be passed in the US Senate to become law, was passed by a 218-208 vote in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Madihha Ahussain, adviser to the American Civil Rights Organization, Madihha Ahussain, said: “The Muslim ban has torn families apart, stagnated their lives for years and labeled Muslims. , Africans and others targeted as outsider threats ”.

“We have to make sure no president can issue a ban on discrimination like this again and with the passing of the SPACE Act in the House of Representatives, we are taking an important step. to make sure they won’t, “Ahussain said in a statement. the bill has been passed.

A coalition of Muslim and immigrant rights groups praised the House’s passing of the law on Wednesday. [File: Andres Kudacki/AP Photo]

President Joe Biden reversed Trump’s travel ban by executive order on January 20, the first day he took office.

Trump issued the ban shortly after taking office in 2017, garnering widespread opposition and condemnation.

It was canceled by a US court twice before being reused as a national security measure and eventually. approved by the Supreme Court of the United States in 2018.

The ban initially applies to most people trying to reach the US from Syria, Iran, Yemen, Somalia and Libya, as well as from North Korea and Venezuela. In 2020, Trump expanded it including Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania.

Criticized for discrimination and punishment, it has immediate and far-reaching consequences for Muslim Americans and their families, refugees and others trapped in secondary countries. father.

It The family is divided, deny people access to health care, and prevent friends and loved ones from attending weddings, funerals, and graduations.

Marielena Hincapié, executive director of the National Immigration Law Center, said: “The Muslim and African bans have abused executive power to discriminate and harm countless people based solely on their national or religious origin ”.

“The SPACE Act will ensure that no president can weaponize this dangerous cross-border power again,” said Hincapié.

The SPACE Act will amend U.S. immigration law to prohibit discrimination on the basis of religion and will limit the ability of the president to issue executive orders to impose any such travel restrictions in future.

Although Trump was defeated in the 2020 presidential election and Biden reversed the travel ban, US lawmakers argued it was important to take legislative action.

“Donald Trump’s Islamic ban is a black mark in our country’s history and it will never happen again,” said Democratic Representative Don Beyer, a bill sponsor.

“It is very important to make it clear to the American people and the world that the betrayal of our national values, which hurts so many people, is not something we stand for and will not repeat. Again, ”said Beyer when the bill was introduced. .

It is not clear what prospects the Democrat-backed House bill will have in the US Senate, where Democrats have a thin majority.

Chris Coons, a close Biden political ally, is leading an effort to push legislation in the room.



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