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US, new sanctions against Russia. Moscow summons ambassadors – World

The Biden administration announced sanctions against Moscow and expelled 10 Russian diplomats to deal with election interference and network attack SoladWinds. He also threatened to punish Moscow again in case of “escalation” in activities that destabilized internationalism.

joe Biden signed an executive order The White House said “signaling that the United States will impose economic and strategic costs on Russia if it continues or accelerates actions that are destabilizing internationally”.

The package of US measures against Moscow includes sanctions on all debt securities issued by Russia after June 14 and prohibits US financial institutions from buying bonds directly from the Russian central bank, sovereign wealth fund and finance ministry. A move that complicates Moscow’s ability to raise money in international financial markets. Under executive order Joe Biden reserves the right to extend sanctions on Russia’s sovereign debt if destabilizing activities persist.

“Aggressive behavior like this is sure to face strong resistance. The response to sanctions will be inevitable “. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said of the new US sanctions against Russia. This has been reported by the Interfax agency.

L ‘The US Ambassador to Moscow, John Sullivan, has been summonedor to the Russian Foreign Ministry following the announcement of US sanctions against Russia. “This will be a difficult discussion for the US side,” said a ministry spokesman. RIA Novosti reports it.


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