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US Treasury yields soared higher as the Fed speakers focused

US Treasury yields were slightly higher early on Wednesday when speeches by senior Federal Reserve officials drew the attention of investors.

Treasures are doing?

The yield on 10-year treasury bonds

increased 1.4 basis points to 1.636%. 2-year bond interest rate

plus 0.6 basis points to 0.165%, while the yield on the 30-year term

inched up 0.6 basis points to 2.311%.

What is driving the Treasures?

Investors will have a chance to see Fed officials giving their views on the March rise of the US consumer price index that has applied annual inflation measures to the highest of the two. five and a half. Following data released Tuesday, the US bond market collapsed, rebounding instead of selling off as some might expect from signs of price pressure.

Analysts note that March’s inflation has been predictable and consumer price data by the end of the year will prove more informative for investors and the Fed as well.

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On the charts for Wednesday, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, Fed Vice Chairman Richard Clarida and New York Fed President John Williams are all set to speak ahead of the next Fed policy meeting on April 28.

The Bank of America will release the Beige Book at 2 p.m. ET, a compendium of anecdotes about trading conditions gathered across the country.

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What did the market participants say?

“As we move into the summer and fall, the higher continues [inflation] Gregory Faranello, head of the US rate division at AmeriVet Securities, said the indicators and trends if they emerge and especially with the wage hike, will put pressure on markets and the Fed in the second half. 2021. We’re not there yet ”



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