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USA, Colorado Supermarket shooting: 10 deaths – North America

A massacre in a supermarket. A man entered King Soopers in Boulder, Colorado, and opened fire: the death toll was 10, including agent Eric Talley, the first police officer to arrive on the scene. The killer is believed to have been arrested and is currently in police custody. For the United States this was a new shock, the second shooting in a week following the massacre at massage centers in Atlanta. And a bloodthirsty shooting in Colorado, which has been the news over the years about the massacre of Columbine High School and the Aurora cinema during the Joker premiere.

Boulder police spoke of a “tragedy” and a “nightmare” in describing what happened. But he assured that “the community can rest assured: there is no more danger,” Sheriff Maris Herold said. The alarm rang shortly after 14:30 local time: the first agent to arrive on the spot was Talley, 51, killed by the killer. At 14:49, a police tweet urged everyone to stay away from the area. At the same time, a massive law enforcement deployment came to the area surrounding the supermarket building. “You have to give up and get your hands out,” said an officer over the loudspeaker to the killer still inside King Soopers. Shortly thereafter, a white man in handcuffs, in shorts, topless and bloody feet was seen by two escort officers. It is not clear if the man was the alleged murderer. In fact, the police did not reveal many details: in two press conferences an hour and a half apart, they limited themselves to reporting on the number of victims and said that the alleged killer was injured but was detention. cop. “It will take at least five days to complete an on-site investigation,” the policemen added, explaining that a second alarm in the area adjacent to the supermarket was false. Witnesses recounted moments of fear and chaos. “He didn’t say a word: he went in and opened the gun,” some said, describing the killer armed with an “AR-15 rifle”. One boy declared himself lucky to survive: “I almost died from a can of soft drinks and a pack of chips.” A man tells about his daughter and granddaughter lining up inside the Covid-19 vaccine center: to the media, he details their escape in the bathroom and phone calls. in despair. Meanwhile, the Boulder incident sparked the arms debate in the United States and caused President Joe Biden, President Joe Biden, who has been called to respond to another gunshot tragedy.


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