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USA: Hundreds of people at Daunte Wright’s funeral in Minneapolis – World

Hundreds of people attended the funeral in Minneapolis of Daunte Wright, 20 years old African-American who was killed by police on April 11 at a checkpoint. The ceremony took place at a historic black community church in the north of the city.

Wright’s murder caused violent protests in Minneapolis. In the shocking video released by the police, he is seen as an agent to avoid the escape of a twenty-year-old, who was intercepted at the Brookyln Center on the outskirts of the city with his girlfriend. Him, shoot him. inside the car.

Police Department leaders spoke of a sensational accident, but in the city, where he was injured by the murder of George Floyd, anger resurfaced.

Wright’s mother, Kate, remembered him at the funeral as a “loving father. His smile has lit up every room he comes in.” Floyd family members were also present at the ceremony.


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