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Uzbekistan’s hydroelectricity potential to promote RES energy balance with help from EU

Uzbekistan’s hydroelectric potential is growing and the Central Asian nation is looking to boost energy efficiency and increase the share of renewables in the country’s energy mix with the help of the European Union. Uzbekistan’s Hydropower Producer and Development President, Uzbekhydroenergo, Abdugani Sanginov, told New Europe in an exclusive interview.

“Hydropower is a renewable energy source and in this respect, increasing the share of hydroelectricity in the energy balance of the Republic of Uzbekistan will help mitigate the impact of climate change,” Sanginov added. Uzbekistan’s technically viable hydroelectric power is estimated at 27.4 billion kWh per year and only 24% of this potential is currently used.

Asked what role the EU can play in supporting renewable energy in Uzbekistan, President Uzbekhydroenergo said, “The European Union can play a key role in supporting RES in Uzbekistan by providing a grants and concessional loans for RES development in Uzbekistan ”.

French state-owned generator EDF and Uzbekhydroenergo recently discussed signing a Memorandum of Understanding in the future that will create a deeper relationship between Uzbekistan’s national hydroelectric producer and EDF. .

EDF, the largest state-owned power generation company in France and the world’s largest operator of nuclear power plants, and Uzbekhydroenergo also reached preliminary agreements on joint operation and co-operation. building the first pump reserve pump (PSP) power plant. time in Uzbekistan, installation of floating solar stations on reservoirs and establishment of special working groups to discuss key organizational issues.

Uzbekhydroenergo is investigating a plan to build a 200 MW PSP in the Bostanlyk district of the Tashkent region.

“The advantage of the partnership between the Uzbekhydroenergo Joint Stock Company and the French EDF Company is that it has extensive experience in the design and operation of hydropower plants, in this respect, Uzbekistan can learn bright solutions. create in the design and operation of hydroelectric plants ”. Sanginov told New Europe.

Asked what caused the boom in the development of renewable energy resources in Uzbekistan compared with neighboring Central Asian countries, Sanginov noted: “Uzbekistan has huge potential for developing renewable energy sources. In this regard, the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan has placed a mission to increase the share of renewable energy resources in the energy balance of Uzbekistan to 20% by 2030 ”.



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