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Vaccine, Draghi: ‘I have no doubt, goals will be achieved’ – Politics

Prime Minister’s press conference at Palazzo Chigi Mario Draghi. “With what conscience do people ignore the list knowing that they leave those over 75 or the frail elderly at real risk of death?” Draghi asked. “One can trivialize and say: stop vaccinating people under 60 years old, young people or children, psychologists over 35 years old. These health-care workers are expanding. With what conscience does a young person skip the list and go for an injection? “. “The April doses are sufficient to vaccinate the entire population over eighty and most people over 75 years of age”.

Vaccine availability has not decreased, the numbers are the same as before Easter, it is increasing in the expected trend. I’m sure the goals are being achieved“The prime minister said.

“I am highly encouraged by the existential environment: one side cannot be held accountable, the events are already complicated. Now is the decisive stage. The vaccination in the classes most at risk is for the sake of profit. benefits of areas to open the economy without security and order “.

“I’ve seen Salvini and the Regions, Anci, then Bersani. There’s a balance. Asking for the opening is normal: the best form of support for the economy is opening up, I’m aware of this.. Of course condemning violence but I understand the despair and alienation of those who oppose it. I want to see in the coming weeks it will reopen safely starting schools – the Prime Minister stressed -, the goal is one month of attendance“.

‘Tourist season? Miss a date. Garavaglia said in June. Let’s hope maybe even sooner than anyone knows, ‘added Draghi. “We do not take the tourist season to abandon it, leave it behind,” he concluded. “I am thinking of the plans to reopen fairs and events: that is the best message of confidence for the country.. We are looking forward to the future in the coming weeks “. “Must reopen, I don’t have a date, we’re thinking about it these days, it depends on the progression of infections and vaccines.“.

“There is a possibility of cooperation between the Mediterranean countries: Italy has a lot to learn from Greece and Spain. We must work immediately to welcome vaccinated travelers.”

Mr Draghi said: “There are obviously more advanced areas in vaccination, a lot of dubious diversity. And about Lazio:” There’s a misunderstanding that I know. Figliuolo is fully aware and aware and that has been made clear with Lazio Area. I am very optimistic about the progress of the immunization plan and above all about the collaborative environment that is’ now between regions and states. Figliuolo is active, visiting an unusual number of areas every day.

“April 30 is the expiration date of the period specified in the final decree” As for Covid’s anti-infection measures, “but it is also said that if vaccination trends and infections show possibility, things could be reconsidered sooner. all of this. Having date means knowing the exact parameters on a given date.In all of this it is the government’s will to see the coming weeks as reopening not closing “, the prime minister explained.

“There are no regions or states: we exist,” he emphasized on the vaccination campaign, and affirmed that the goal of 500 thousand vaccinations per day will be respected.

There will be an instruction from Sonvaccination for the sick “And then, we will see how the insert with the ministers of vaccination parameters of the type of risk among the parameters used to allow reopening. Think about its importance for the return. with the reopening of schools, especially old ones: one of the criteria to close is that they have gone home and infecting their grandparents. “

E is AstraZeneca: “In the data, the downfall of belief in AstraZeneca is less than one might have expected. We will continue to deliver a reassuring message, not given with a gentle heart but with solemnity. Sufficiency, participation, understanding. myself with AstraZeneca and also my wife “.

Then again: “On the Golden Power, I agree with Minister Giorgetti: must be used when required and required by law. That is how to use the golden power according to common sense. “

About Alitaliathe prime minister said “we are fully negotiating between ministers and the Commission: We cannot accept unreasonable asymmetry. If there is reason to mistreat Alitala, we will see them, but we will not accept arbitrary discrimination. Now, the focus is on creating a company that will be called Ita, which will no longer be contiguous with the past. I regret that it will no longer be called Alitalia: like a slightly expensive family but a family. Now we need to start right away with the summer, with a new strong company standing on its wings, without subsidies. We expect a positive result with the Commission “.

“The pandemic has clarified our infrastructure weaknesses, It is no coincidence that PNRR aims to fill them, from gender equality to women’s work, school, and education, ”explains Draghi. For PNRR“ there is a central structure that coordinates the function. , take the money from the European Commission and give it to the authorities to follow the work in progress. Then, organizations give feedback on “payments. And then” yes, on April 30, we come up with a plan. “We lost many years ago, but not because they don’t want to invest. Everything has to be changed in order to be believable. And everything has to change to overcome obstacles at the political, institutional, administrative, accounting and even judicial levels. These are all areas where it is needed.

On the economic side, Draghi explained that “it is expected that Minister Franco will first present Def where the deviation is determinedThen the Parliament votes and then we will present the decree with support and reopening. The size is likely to be larger than the previous size. ”


“It should be reiterated that this vaccine, Astazeneca, may include a fragile population: the choices made refer to abnormal but extremely rare cases of thrombosis in location: 86 cases. out of at least 25 million people vaccinated, “explains the Council’s Senior Health Ministry President. Franco Locatelli next to Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

“Measures are active – Locatelli explained -, even in the face of a high number of deaths, we’re on the second day in a row with declining beds. ”

Meanwhile, in the afternoon, the Conference agreed between states on the restoration plan in the presence of the prime minister. At the meeting, many ministers – including Gelmini, Brunetta, Lamorgese, Franco, Franceschini, Speranza and representatives of Anci (City) and Upi (Province).



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