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Vaccine: in Italy 1.5 million doses of Pfizer, reaching regions in 24 hours – Chronicle

“Distribution to the Region about 1.5 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine has begun, reaching the airports of Bergamo, Bologna, Brescia, Rome Ciampino, Milan Malpensa, Pisa and Venice”. This was announced by the Covid Emergency Committee. “The deliveries will affect more than 210 medical facilities across Italy and will be completed within 24 hours.”

“The denial of the AstraZeneca vaccine is difficult. It is a phenomenon that in recent days is becoming more important than we might think. ”This was told by the Lombardy Regional Director General for Welfare, Giovanni Pavesi, at a hearing at the Commission. Regional Council Health Department has reported important immunization centers in it a lot of people are rejecting them – he added. In these cases, if there are significant reviews in our history, we may do Pfizer. In other cases, if these are not available, we put them back in line “.

Antitrust, the market must have limits on health – “Not all needs can be satisfied by the market”. Therefore, the president of the Antitrust Organization Roberto Rustichelli mentioned the patents for vaccines and emphasized that “when, for example, the protection of fundamental rights such as health, the market can and must be limited “. Rustichelli reminded that our Industrial Property Code “now provides, in articles 141 and 142, the possibility of prompt intervention through the DPR for which the ownership or use of a patent is deprived, also for public reasons, the payment of compensation is satisfactory “.


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