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Vaccine, Son, 5 million doses over the next 10 days – Chronicles

From April 27 to May 5, 5 million doses of the vaccine will arrive in Italy. This was declared by the office of emergency commissioner Francesco Figliuolo indicate the new “developing target” for the regions in the April 23-29 period they will allow, if respected, the target of 500,000 doses per day will be reached by the end of April.

Currently, 19,888,040 doses of the vaccine have been delivered, an increase of 2,736,450 doses from the previous week. From April 16 to 22, the Commissioner’s structure emphasized again that more than 2.5 million doses were administered with a national average of more than 335 thousand doses with a record of 384 thousand. Based on the growing targets appointed by the Commissioner, Abruzzo will have to vaccinate 11,000 citizens by April 29, Basilicata 3,600, Calabria 12,384, Campania and Emilia Romagna 42,000, Friuli Venezia Giulia 10,000, Lazio 50 thousand, Liguria 13 thousand, Lombardy 99 thousand, Marche 12 thousand, Molise 2,600, Bolzano province 5,350, province Trento 4,500, Piedmont 40 thousand, Puglia 29,500, Sardinia 12,150, Sicily 28 thousand, Tuscany 38 thousand, Umbria 8,500, Valle d ‘ Aosta 900 and Veneto 40,000. The goal is to reach more than 504 thousand managers in one day by April 29.

L ‘81.21% of people over eighty and 45.19% of people aged 70-79 have received at least one dose of the vaccine, Monday According to the government’s weekly vaccination campaign report, updated this morning and found that more than 80 of the two people – 53.82% – had also been re-vaccinated. On the other hand, 94.93% of RSA clients have ever taken at least one dose.



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