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Vatican building in London: arrest warrant for Torzi broker – Chronicle

Arrangement for arrest Gianluigi Torzi, a financial broker involved in the sale of a building at 60 Sloane Avenue in London that he is under investigation by Vatican judiciary, which challenged him illicit profit 15 million. In addition to Torzi’s arrest, the Gip of Rome has ordered a ban on accounting practices for Giacomo Capizzi, Alfredo Camalò and Matteo Del SetteAll were accused by the prosecutor of issuing fake invoices.

Investigations by financiers of the Rome Economic and Financial Police Unit, stemming from a Vatican Justice Advocate’s request, helped to re-create a portion of the 15 million euros transferred. for two British Torzi companies – for which arrests – are used to buy shares of listed companies for more than $ 4.5 million. The deeds allowed him, after a few months, to earn more than 750,000 euros. The money will also be used to repay the 670,000 euro debt of two other companies believed to be similar. Investigators subsequently reconstructed a round of fake billing, unrelated to operations in London, carried out by Torzi and Capizzi (also allegedly self-laundering) with Camalò group accountants and Del Sette to cheat tax authorities.


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