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Vax Live, the global vaccination stars’ concert is ready – Music

Global Citizen is back on the pitch for a global goal. After the 2020 ‘One World: Together At Home’ concert, a new initiative will be held in May to promote equitable distribution of vaccines, especially to care professionals. health in places they cannot yet reach.
‘Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World’, will be filmed next month at So-Fi Stadium in Los Angeles and will be broadcast on major US networks as well as YouTube. The music event, which will also be aimed at tackling the vaccine resistance of some Americans, will be presented by Selena Gomez and among the guests will be Jennifer Lopez, HER, Eddie Vedder, J Balvin and Foo. Fighters.
The exact date of the concert has yet to be announced as well as the number of viewers who can participate directly. However, it was speculated that they would only be vaccinated by medical staff.


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