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Vegan recipe recipes for side dishes, side dishes and desserts

GRilling out is usually synonymous with one type of food: meat. But the truth is, there are a lot more things you can cook in your backyard than beef rolls. Besides homemade vegan burgers (which don’t taste like hockey pies), there are some fruit and veg you can get a taste of which is absolutely delicious when cooked over an open flame.

Additionally, expanding your portfolio of baked recipes to include more plant-based options allows vegetarians and vegans in your life to also be a part of the party. Almost every vegetarian walks into the chefs to find that the only food they can eat is a bag of chips or crudités and hummus.

Not only will the vegan roast recipes synthesized here will ensure that never happen again, but also plant-centered dishes, side dishes and main protein desserts. Keep reading to check them out.

11 vegan baked recipes to try this summer

Photo: Give It Some Thyme

1. Baked burgers with onions

There’s no shortage of vegan burger recipes out there, but many of them fail when it comes to baking; instead they disintegrated, leaving only a mess. But these rolls pulled over. Besides canned beans, they are made with ground walnuts, rice and a variety of spices. Cover them with caramel onions and you will have yourself a delicious burger.

Get the formula: Grilled burgers with caramel onions

seitan chicken
Photo: Make It Dairy-Free

2. Seitan BBQ Chicken

If you are looking for a vegan dish, you can bake it Not A burger, this is it. The white meat Made with key wheat gluten, mung bean flour and a blend of seven different spices. This ensures it looks nice and crispy on the blister and every bite is flavorful. Also included? Instructions for making homemade barbecue sauce.

Get the formula: BBQ chicken seitan

Tofu skewers
Photo: Vibrant Plate

3. Grilled tofu skewers

Tofu skewers are another interesting vegan idea; you’re still getting enough protein to fill you up and they’re not as messy as a burger. This recipe provides the steps to make sure your tofu is flavorful (thanks to a blend of soy sauce-barbecue sauce) and baking perfectly.

Get the formula: grilled tofu skewers

coconut corn
Photo: African Bites

4. Grilled coconut popcorn

Throwing your corn on the grill instantly gives it a whole new flavor, but this coconut corn recipe takes it to the next level. Made with shredded coconut, paprika, all kinds of spices and thyme, it’s savory and sweet. One note: This recipe is called mayo, so just sub sub back for the vegan (or see how to make your own vegan mayo here), to keep it vegan.

Get the formula: Grilled coconut corn

Vegan recipes
Photo: The First Mess

5. Grilled Small Chili With Walnuts & Spicy Lentils

These small chili peppers are stuffed with French lentils, meaning they provide enough protein for the main meal. Although a variety of spices are processed to make them taste as they are, this recipe also shows you how to make a vegan “Parmesan” sauce, by mixing cashew nuts, nutritional yeast, and sea salt and lemon peel.

Get the formula: Grilled small chili with seasoned walnuts and lentils

heart shift
Photo: Minimalist Baker

6. Smoked eggplant

Eggplant is one of those vegetables that truly transforms flavor when cooked on the grill. This recipe produces a fragrant sauce to coat it, made from coconut aminos, avocado oil and a few key spices.

Get the formula: smoked eggplant

Vegan recipes
Photo: Food Faith Fitness

7. Grilled Avocado

Similar to chili, the avocado’s shape makes them the perfect small bowls for stuffing protein-rich mixes. In this case, they are full green bean, to be baked with a baking basket or by placing on tin foil. The avocado can also be baked, adding a layer of smoke.

Get the formula: grilled stuffed butter

grilled cauliflower
Photo: Well Plated By Erin

8. Grilled cauliflower steak

In essence, cauliflower can taste a bit bland, but you definitely won’t have that problem if you follow this recipe. Honey, olive oil, garlic and red pepper all add to the flavor.

Get the formula: grilled cauliflower steak

Grilled peaches
Photo: Abbey’s Kitchen

9. Grilled Peaches With Blackberry Coconut Cream

There’s no sweeter way to end a meal with this dessert: sweet peaches with maple syrup topped with black raspberries, coconut cream, and crushed pistachios. You will be licking your fingers clean.

Get the formula: Grilled peach with coconut cream

grilled pineapple
Photo: Floating Kitchen

10. Grilled Pineapple Coconut Cream

A piece of this dessert will make you feel like you’re on vacation in the tropics – even if you’re just in your own backyard. The pineapple is topped with chopped macadamia nuts and a dash of lemon juice, adding another layer of flavor and texture.

Get the formula: Grilled pineapple with coconut cream

Grilled bananas
Photo: One Green Planet

11. Grilled bananas

A hot caramel banana topped with homemade vegan ice cream is a great summer treat. Pro Tip: Add the walnuts to the top for a tasty hint of crunch.

Get the formula: Grilled bananas

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