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Venus and Mercury are perpendicular to Saturn, illuminate your truth

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Last week there were many astrological highlights: First, Venus and Mercury were perpendicular to Saturn when adjacent to Taurus on Sunday, the day before. full pink super moon in Scorpio. Then, right after the full moon on Tuesday, Pluto went in the opposite direction. And on Friday, the work week ends with Uranus fused with the sun. All of this combined means that, astrologically speaking, the coming week will be transformative, powerful, and certainly not lacking in intensity.

Let’s start with the junction of Venus and Mercury in Taurus, as they both create a harsh square with Saturn. Venus rules our values ​​and our love. In Taurus, she is in her house, a place she does a great job, helping us to discover the beauty inside. Mercury, in Taurus, relax, go at your own pace, when he asks us to commit to our truth. However, in a square with Saturn, this combination of honesty and value counteracts the intensity of Saturn’s sober male voice.

When Venus and Mercury are perpendicular to Saturn, we are asked to look at the places where we are avoiding the truth.

Saturn represents rules, structures and platforms life support. In Bao Binh, he asked us to revolutionize the lens through which we live our lives. When Venus and Mercury are perpendicular to Saturn, we are asked to look at the places where we are hiding the truth and how we can better honor the values ​​most important to promote life. our.

Saturn’s impact also forces us to respect the passage of time. So if you find yourself lacking energy or in front of a mirror worrying about facial wrinkles and fine lines, take a deep breath and remind yourself that the time will come wisely. If nothing else, we can all (hopefully) say that we are much wiser now than we were a year ago. Appreciating this is essential to harnessing the power of this transit and preparing for the full moon.

This full moon occurred at the 7 ° angle of Scorpio at 11:31 p.m. ET, on Monday night. The moon will look very large and bright when it is closer to Earth than usual because it is a supermoon. The Scorpion Moon requires us to go deep – Scorpio is a fixed water supply, concerned with less of the outside than going deep into the center of what is real.

In essence, Scorpion’s full moon is about intimacy. Yes, it’s a sexy full moon day, which bodes well for the freedom to explore joy, either with yourself or with a partner. However, it is also about unearthing the most real inside, (even more so with the combination of Mercury and Venus, Pluto’s turnaround station and Uranus’s position in this full moon).

To draw our attention back to Saturn, the lord of karma is also perpendicular to the sun and moon on this full moon, while the moon is the opposite of Uranus. This full moon boasts a fixed T-square and it’s a complicated configuration as it highlights one of the most challenging pass of the year: Uranus-Saturn square. Shock revelations may be made, but the moon makes up a useful trio for Mars in Cancer, allowing for the formation of emotional perception and empathetic connections.

No matter what happens on this full moon day, take some time to be with and deal with. There is no point in avoiding the truth now, because doing so will wreak havoc on your life later. Capture things exactly as they are, and from there adjust the potential of what’s possible. This is an exceptionally strong full moon day that allows for magic and rituals, like do full moon water. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunities this opens up – it’s wonderful to unleash, expel and unleash the deepest truth within.

By Wednesday, Pluto went upstream, end of the region with no recent upstream planets we have enjoyed it since mid-February. Pluto going upstream also has an undercurrent of feeling. Like the days before, Wednesday was built on the theme of things that emerged from within. Now is the time to confront, accept, and integrate the truth, and let the rest of it pass.

To aid the release, come on Friday, when the moon is fading in Capricorn, the sun and Uranus are tied together. Like a conductor of electricity, Uranus moves energy up and down. His job is to help us find liberation.

As we move into the weekend, we will likely feel different than we did earlier in the week. It was a turning point in the year. Make a note in your diary about what’s going to happen and all the insights you gain along the way. You will want to reflect on it by the end of next month.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic – a philosophy that integrates deep intellect of both science and spirituality while incorporating her expertise in astrology, positive psychology and women’s health – that she It is used to train high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. Order her books, Cosmic health, here.

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