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About version 21

What does the future of our party landscape look like? How to make political participation more comprehensive? What potential are new forms of political participation? And how sustainable is democracy within the party under the 70-year-old Basic Law?

On the occasion of federal elections in the fall of 2021, Z2X and Futurium Cooperation with Federal cultural organization discuss the future of political work and engagement with visionary young people, thought leaders, concerned citizens and political decision-makers and further thinkers. Together we design the ideas for tomorrow’s democracy.

In version 21 I Mai Let’s tackle the question: Demonstration, motion, action: do we need parties that make a difference politically? To actively shape politics and make their voices heard, more and more people take to the streets, operate online or take part in initiatives, while membership in political parties is growing. reduction. What does this mean for the future of political participation? What roles should and can play in the future? And what effect do civil society actors have? At version 21, we ask ourselves these questions to you in the idea workshop and discuss them with our guests in a group discussion.

Workshop ideas

Are you 20 to 29 years old? Would you like to work with other visionaries on ideas about how we can make a difference politically? Later Sign up here for ideas workshop and be there on May 6!

Panel discussion

Are you interested in tomorrow’s democracy and new forms of political participation? Then stay there as we discuss face to face with Clara Mayer & Diana Arce & Ellen Demuth & Ann-Kristin K├Âlln on ZEIT ONLINE. Be yourself here to go live remember on May 8.



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