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VidBid creates an on-demand service to generate home renovation estimates from cell phone video in hours. – Press Releases

This company created a private gig-economy network of professional estimators to review user-submitted videos enabling on-demand, contactless, detailed home repair and remodel estimates from anywhere in the US.

Starting a home repair or remodel project is daunting. It begins with an idea, perhaps for a new kitchen, then quickly becomes the cumbersome drudgery of searching, reviewing, and scheduling; all of this merely to get an idea of the costs involved. So VidBid set out to address this problem and others like it.

Homeowners, realtors, and contractors all benefit from purchasing a VidBid Estimate; They can go to VidBid.com, pay the nominal up-front fee, upload a video describing their project, and receive a detailed line-item estimate within hours. It’s that easy.

When your VidBid Estimate is complete, you can optionally promote it to the VidBid Contractor Marketplace, where top contractors are ready to review your VidBid Estimate and perform the work you described for the price shown on your VidBid Estimate. Therefore, you and your contractor have an agreement on the scope and the cost from the start. Bonus: Since the VidBid Estimate is always available online, it can act as a source of truth throughout the project.

VidBid is 100% online and contactless. Otherwise, it’s the old industry standard of scheduling a contractor to come on-site; Those long visits require folks to be home, and they can take days, weeks, or more to find the right professionals, arrange everything, and ensure follow through.

VidBid protects homeowners from bad deals by acting as a neutral third party. Unfortunately, contractors often falsely lower estimates based on your address and perceived wealth and then upcharge you during the project once you’re on the hook. They also change their rates based on their availability, so it’s impossible to get the real market rate instead of their subjectively adjusted rate.

VidBid helps realtors by providing quick and accurate inspection report repair estimates, saving clients thousands during negotiations because it can remain objective, having no stake in the deal outcome.

VidBid helps contractors in many ways. Contractors can use VidBid as a tool with their clients and leads, so they don’t need to drive across town. They can sign up to the VidBid Contractor Marketplace to get the most effective and efficient project leads in the industry. Also, professional estimators can sign up to perform virtual estimation work on their schedule.

The homeowner, realtor, and contractor all benefit from the VidBid ecosystem. In a world where every new tech company is looking to disrupt markets, VidBid takes a unique approach by aligning itself with the incentives of each person impacted, opting instead to complement and optimize the industry for everyone’s benefit.

VidBid also offers an API, so developers and companies can deeply integrate the service into their workflow.

Feedback on VidBid has been positive. “VidBid made it extremely convenient to get a quote without having to make appointments with contractors to come to my home,” said Laura, a homeowner. And “The ability to get honest estimates without someone trying to sell me low or sell me high to get the job is what I like most about VidBid. Meets a need for me!”

To learn more about VidBid, visit https://vidbid.com.

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