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Virginia prohibits testing of cosmetics on animals

Starting January 1, 2022, status Virginia No longer will allow animal testing or sale of cosmetics tested on animals. Thank you to Virginia Governor Ralph Northam – and other devoted and kind Virginia people – The Virginia Humane Cosmetics Act became law this month.

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Senator Jennifer Boysko and Representative Kaye Kory introduce the bill. Its passage makes Virginia the fourth state in the US to introduce a law banning cosmetics animal testing.

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Sara Amundson, president of the Humanitarian Social Legislative Fund (HSLF), said: “This great news shows a growing momentum in efforts to end unnecessary animal testing in the United States and worldwide for products such as shampoo, mascara and lipstick. “Consumers are scanning labels and asking products not to be tested on animals, cosmetics companies are listening to them and changing their way of doing things, and lawmakers are consolidating these changes into long-term policy. “

For vegetarians and for anyone else who cares about the suffering of animals, this action makes shopping much easier. Instead of trying to read fine print on an eyeliner, consumers will be able to instantly make their purchases, saving both time and eye strain.

In 2018, California became the first state to pass a law Prohibit animal testing for cosmetics. California law makes exceptions for cosmetic ingredients that USDA requires testing out of health concerns or if a foreign agency requires regulatory compliance. Nevada passed a non-evil cosmetics act in June 2019, and Illinois followed suit in August 2019. Six other states are considering their own non-evil cosmetic behaviors: Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Rhode Island.

This movement is emerging around the world as more and more consumers begin to ask what exactly is in the lipstick and whether animal suffering is truly essential to human beauty. . “Animal testing of cosmetics is simply not necessary to ensure the safety of cosmetics for users,” Amundson said. “In the case of new ingredients, many non-animal testing methods have been and continue to be developed to be more effective – or even more effective – than animal tests.”

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