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Vivid tests on vacationers in the UK could drop below £ 50 in new Treasury plans saving hundreds of families.

COVID checks for vacationers in the UK could drop below £ 50 in new plans reviewed by the Treasury Department, it was revealed.

HMRC is looking to waive VAT for private tests for vacationers – saving families hundreds of pounds.

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Private coronavirus tests can drop below £ 50Credit: AFP

Gold standard PCR tests performed or supervised by a registered nurse are VAT exempt, Telegraph reported.

Senior sources told the media that the Finance Ministry could go further and fully exempt the tests from the tax that could add 20% more to prices ranging from £ 60 to £ 300 per. test.

This means vacationers can save around £ 40 and £ 240 for a family of four for a single check-in.

While the holiday holidays have yet to be approved by the government, it is expected that overseas travel will continue from May 17 through the traffic lights.

Countries will is placed on a green, amber, or red list depending on how high or low their Covid situation is.

However, even “green” countries, which can bypass quarantine, will requires two tests when you return home.

Last week the company tested Randox confirmed that it will be working with major UK airlines to allow tourists to pay just £ 60 per check instead of £ 120.

They have partnered with easyJet to provide a £ 60 PCR remainder, while previously worked with Thomas Cook to offer discounted trials for £ 85.

Randox CEO Dr Peter FitzGerald said: “In recognition of the needs of both the tourism industry and the British public at this unprecedented moment, Randox will reduce the cost of full-package PCR testing for residents. He took the international tour down to £ 60. each test.

“We can see the pressures facing both the tourism industry and the public and are committed to experimenting efficiently and economically to support vacationers and international travelers.”

It follows those concerns Test requests will still set prices for families this summer.

Johan Lundgren, the executive director of easyJet, warned that the government plan requires vacationers returning from “green” countries to take pre-departure and post-arrival tests will only opens international tours “for those who can afford it”.

He told the BBC Breakfast: “There is no need to put any extra complexity and cost to get to and from those destinations, but what the Government has come up with yesterday is that they are looking for a way. introduces a two-trial system meaning that, even in those green countries, that green destination category, you still need to pay the extra cost to do so.

“If the Government chooses to do one of those PCR tests, (which) costs higher and higher than the average easyJet flight fare as an example, you will not be open to international travel. Everyone, you open up international tours to those who can afford it. “

The British overseas vacation’s hopes were dealt a big blow After it appears, the EU vaccination campaign could be delayed for two months.

While, Greece announced that they will welcome the vaccination The virus returns from next week, with no travel restrictions.

And visitors to Heathrow are being forced to queue up to six hours to check for the corona virus at the border, an airport executive said.

The British will be able to vacation in Portugal when the flight ban is lifted from TOMORROW



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