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VizyPay says it’s solving big problems for small business sellers

VizPay, a payment processing company that develops systems for small businesses, has launched VizyPOS. All in one payment processing The app allows sellers to manage all aspects of sales within their business.

VizyPOS promises to alleviate pain from the payment system

The app addresses major industry bottlenecks for small businesses, including the lack of data analytics and subdivision bidding options for cash discounting. VizyPOS is available for point-of-sale systems PAX.

Eliminate costly hardware and software registry

Having to buy costly POS stations, which require monthly software subscriptions, can be crippling for small businesses. Such mounting fees can do great damage to merchants, especially in these difficult times when many small merchants are forced to cut costs.

New application of VizPay is designed to tackle this big problem for small businesses. By eliminating the need to use traditional cash registers and payment terminals, the monthly overheads are significantly reduced.

A single store for sellers

Kyle McCann, Head of Business Development at VizyPay, talks about the benefits the app brings to small businesses: “We are intentionally building the app to be scalable and the team has a big plan to expand. Its wide possibilities. In the future, we want to turn the app into a general store so sellers can manage all aspects of their business with ease. Our long-term goal is to create an ecosystem where everything can be managed from payment processing to employee payroll, ”McCann said.

Cash discount program

Merchants can easily make CDP payments through Cash Discount Program (CPD) subdivision bidding. CPD is considered a highly sought after feature in the retail industry. Merchants who are signed in to use VizyPay’s unique CDP can deploy it with just a few taps in the app.

Knowing which products are performing best is desirable insights for small businesses. Sellers are provided with such details through a seller’s inventory rating system, a product rating system based on profit margins, volume, and number of transactions.

Real-time transaction data

The VozyPOS portal also features transaction analysis, providing real-time data of transactions. Such strategic insights are designed to help small merchants drive their business forward with invaluable data.

The VizPOS application is free for VizPay customers. It is compatible with the terminals A80 and A920. The application is currently optimized for retail merchants. Application possible download it here.

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