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Walking boxes turn shipping crates into custom food trucks

The future of food trucks is sustainable – at least according to Walkingboxes, a German startup that makes custom food trucks out of shipping containers. The company is only a year old, the brainchild of award-winning designer Daniel Lorch. The walking box uses 90% recyclable or biodegradable material in its construction.

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According to the founder, this idea came from his mother, who had a dream of opening a street food truck in the south of Germany. The designer recognized unmet market demand for sustainable, accessible and personal food truck options while conducting research for his mother. Instead of buying an expensive food truck and equipping it with unique elements to match the company’s style, he would instead opt for a lightweight construction with a possible food trailer drag. The resulting design is available in 213 different colors, three separate sizes and comes with either a drum or a fully equipped cooking facility.

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black food truck made from shipping crates
Black food truck with modular signage

This lightweight construction method makes up for the heavy weight of the steel Container shippingTrailers can be towed by smaller vehicles, such as a scooter or a pickup truck. This not only reduces fuel consumption, but also allows for more flexible locations for the vehicle. Materials such as steel, wood and linoleum go into each design.

Stainless steel kitchen inside food truck
Food fryer in stainless steel kitchen

The standard version is permanently attached with a parallel trailer and has electrical and water settings. This option is perfect for those with an interior or building design who want to fill the inside with their own cooking ingredients. The company also employs mobile cooking professionals to help potential buyers plan their interiors kitchen layout with stainless steel appliances such as gas stove, grill and fryer.

Small shelves mounted outside the food truck
at dusk the black food cart has pink and orange signs

In addition to the color options, buyers can choose from a variety of exterior design options such as illuminated letters, letters on foil, banners, metal signs and flags to make a difference to the company compared to other food carts. The external fastening system is modules to simplify the process of attaching and exchanging media for menus, specials or announcements.

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