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Wanda’s designs and events feature a unique floral and decorative style

The event business industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. But resilient companies like Wanda events and designs hope to pull over. The company has gone through many challenges. So the company’s founder hopes that her skills will shine through. Read more about her efforts in this week’s Small Business Focus.

What businesses do

Provide event organization services.

Founder Wanda Micheal helps clients across the Garner, NC region with weddings, infant baths, graduations and other special occasions.

Niche business

Decoration and flower arrangement skills.

Michael specializes in floral decoration and design, especially useful for elegant events like weddings.

How business began

To provide an affordable option in her community.

“I love making people’s dreams come true,” Michael told Small Business Trends. So I started this business to provide a best level of service, but at a fraction of the cost. “

Big win

Booking a large customer in advance.

Michael made it clear, “I was given the chance to decorate the actress, model, and TV character Cynthia Bailey of Housewives in Atlanta!”

This has helped Michael gain more attention in the industry, opening up more business opportunities.

The biggest risk

Invest all her profits back into the business.

Michael admits that this risk could lead to a complete loss of business. But it still works, even though COVID has temporarily closed everything.

Lessons Learned

Find the right market.

Michael says if she can do it again, maybe she will move the business a little north.

She added, “This type of business is more profitable in your larger cities.”

How will they spend $ 100,000 extra

Buy car.

The event organizer comes with lots of supplies. So Michael says she wants to buy a large car to transport the inventory.

Favorite Quote

“You must always strive to be the best, but you must never believe that you are.” -Juan Manuel Fangio.

* * * * *

Image: Facts and designs by Wanda, Wanda Michael



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