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War-ravaged Syria to hold presidential elections on May 26 | News about Bashar al-Assad

Candidates must live in Syria for at least 10 consecutive years, meaning exiled opposition figures cannot run.

Syria will hold a presidential election on May 26, the country’s second election in the shadow of the civil war, considered likely to keep President Bashar al-Assad in power.

The announcement was made by congressional speakers on Sunday.

Hammouda Sabbagh said Syrians abroad will “be able to vote at embassies” on May 20, adding that potential candidates can submit their applications from Two.

Millions of people displaced because of Syria’s protracted war were not eligible to vote.

President Assad, who took power after the death of Hafez’s father in 2000, has yet to formally announced he will run again.

He won the previous election in 2014, three years after a bloody crackdown on anti-government protesters and amid growing conflict. At that time, he received almost 90% of the vote.

Since then, Russian military intervention has helped Assad regain vast tracts from the hands of opposition fighters, who now control a small swath of the northwestern region of the country.

Under Syria’s 2012 constitution, a president can only serve two seven-year terms – except for the president elected in the 2014 poll.

Candidates have to live continuously in Syria for at least 10 years, meaning that the opposition figures in exile who are fighting to end the 51-year rule of the Assad family will be barred from standing.

Candidates must also have the support of at least 35 members of parliament, dominated by Assad’s Baath party.

The party won an expected majority in the parliamentary elections in Syria last year, denounced by the opposition as theatrical.

The probe is also taking place amid the coronavirus pandemic and the heavy economic crisis.

The country is facing worsening food and electricity, with more people in government-controlled areas lining up to buy fuel and bread.

Continued power cuts have forced local businesses to shut down, which has increased unemployment levels in recent months.

The value of the Syrian pound has plummeted on the black market, accelerated by the financial crisis in neighboring Lebanon as well as US sanctions.

The decades-long war has left at least 500,000 dead and millions displaced.



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