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Waste-free beauty: 6 Environmentally friendly products

Cleaning up your beauty routine can make a lot of sense. At the most basic level, you can tweak your collection down to just the products you actually use to try to improve your space and use your products more carefully. If you are curious about the safer, more natural beauty approach, you can use it as a time to evaluate the ingredients in the recipe, making sure you are comfortable with what you’re using. to use on my skin and hair.

You can also consider this as a time to think about the environmental impact of your routine. Unfortunately, the beauty industry has a lot of movement to make in this area. We don’t just manufacture significant amounts of products (TerraCycle estimates there are 120 billion product units (produced per year), but much of what is produced is disposable plastic. Even if you do your best, much of what you throw in the blue bucket can still be will end up in the landfill because beauty bottles are notoriously difficult to recycle properly.

So it’s important to take the time and think carefully about what you’re buying – and whether you can then handle it properly. If your habit is full of products that you fear might get buried in the landfill, maybe it’s time to look for more eco-friendly products. Certainly there are brands that are making progress – and here are just a few of them!



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