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We are mulling Everlane’s eco-friendly swimwear

Wthe bright light of summer i on the horizon (with the ability to cross the finger that we can enjoy it), feels like the right time for a new bathing suit. Maybe you’re looking for something classic with a creative flair – you know, the patterned poolside amulet that doesn’t distract your eyes. If so you will love and love this: back-to-basics brand Everlane has just released a line of eco-friendly swimwear.

“We prioritize sourcing innovative, beautiful, high-quality materials as part of our commitment to creating products with a lower environmental impact and removing all virgin plastic from the chain. Our supply, ”Sonia Martin, Vice President of Design at Everlane. “When designing our first collection of swimsuits, we focused on design that fits perfectly and is timeless to look good – but the material has to be good too.”

That makes sense. I know we don’t like to think about it on our beach days, but the ocean is actually filled with plastic. Like, at this rate, we’re looking forward to more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. And many swimsuits are discreetly made of a polyamide family (nylon to be exact). Therefore, Everlane aims to create eco-friendly swimwear that is made from 82% recycled nylon.

The brand did so by partnering with Aquafil, a manufacturer that turns old fishing nets and plastic waste into a fiber called Econyl that can be knitted into fabric. “There is something very gratifying about collecting waste that pollutes the ocean and turning it into a timeless swim suit,” Martin said. “The entire collection is made out of 13,768 pounds of recycled plastic, which is something we’re really proud of.”

With 152 combinations to choose from, you’re sure to find your new summer outfit. Below, some of the styles we are looking to add to the cart.

Looking for eco-friendly swimsuits? Everlane has you mentioned below:

first. One Piece Square Neck, $ 65

With a low waistline and a streamlined shape, this maraschino cherry-red maillot feels completely hot for the lifeguards.

Buy now: One Piece Square Neck, $ 65

2. Square Neck Bikini, $ 45

There’s a subtle elegance to the square-necked tops, and I love how fresh this floral print shirt looks with this cut.

Buy now: Square Neck Bikini, $ 45

3. The Bottom Of Hipster Rises, $ 35

If you’re one of the many people who have hoarded things soaring over the past year (it’s just more comfortable!) Then that will probably extend to your swimwear. Love how our prayers are answered by this bottom, available in five different colors.

Buy now: The Bottom Of Hipster Rises, $ 35

4. Bikini front lanyard, $ 40

There’s something flirtatious about the front-laced bikini, and I’m personally part of the Blue Dusk. I can definitely see this shade blended and matched seamlessly with some primary color bottoms.

Buy now: Bikini front lanyard, $ 40

5. Triangle bikini top, $ 40

Summer without wearing a yellow bikini? And this isn’t a bit-bity-teeny-weeny because, ew, the word choice is disgusting. It backs up with that steady bottom band and it binds charmingly at the back.

Buy now: Triangle bikini top, $ 40

6. Bikini bottom, $ 30

Perfectly suited for a Bikini Bottom in the color Spongebob (actually this one is called “Marigold”, which I think is a bit more mature). If that’s not your flexibility, there are six other shades you can choose from.

Buy now: Bikini bottom, $ 30

7. A V-neck piece, $ 65

Lastly, for those who want something super simple, we recommend the V-neck one-piece shirt. It has a soft, muted color like an Herb color, perfect for swimming in the pool and for visualization. the statue of you is a water goddess.

Buy now: A V-neck piece, $ 65

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