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Weekend readings: A warning for the stock market at record high

The S&P 500 Index continued to hit record highs. That in itself may not be alarming – a strong stock market is often at record levels, especially when investors are anticipating an economic recovery.

But Mark Hulbert highlights a probable red flag: Companies have accelerated their stock repurchases only because their CEO is dumping the same stock.

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The threat of Bitcoin

Peter Thiel said this week that bitcoin could “a Chinese financial weapon against America,“Because the Chinese government is not happy about the dollar status as the world’s reserve currency. But Chris Matthews argues that Bitcoin could be the more of a threat to China’s dictatorship.

Bitcoin insurance is more than:

Looking for a comfortable retirement destination

Eugene Symphony at the Cuthbert Amphitheater in Eugene, Ore.

In MarketWatch

This week MarketWatch’s “Where should I retire” series focuses on a couple who want to live in a walkable college town on the shores of the lake where it’s not too cold and there are good hospitals, museums and theaters.

Click here to know more about retirement. You can also try MarketWatch “Where should I retire” tool for your own custom search.

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How to exploit early retirement account while avoiding penalty

If you’ve built a large egg in a tax-deferred retirement account but want to start living on it before age 59, you could face substantial taxes and penalties. But there are ways to curb the pain. Sketched Alessandra Malito Some steps you can take to make your early retirement easier.

How to get there: Have an extra $ 50? 100 dollars? Even $ 20? Use it in the IRA for your future retirement (maybe even earlier)

Are we really headed for an economic boom?

Economists polled by MarketWatch have expectations of the US economy to expand 6% This year, this will be the strongest GDP growth rate since 1984, according to World Bank data.

Some investors fear that inflation will lead to a sharp increase in interest rates, which could threaten the market to rise in price for stocks. Not all agree.

Fear and the ‘4% rule’ for retirement

You will see the 4% withdrawal rate recommended many times on financial media. The idea is that this is a reasonable withdrawal rate to assume, if you have a diversified portfolio to live on when your career career is over.

One problem with this “rule” is that it doesn’t depend on different charges or the amount of expenses associated with the size of the account.

Brett Arends took this idea further, sharing the various fallacies associated with the 4% rule and “Failure rate“People in 22 countries will have to experience it if they follow the rule in a 120-year period.

More information on retirement savings and investment:

Promote travel

Royal Caribbean cruise ship Navigator of the Sea docked at PortMiami on March 2, 2021.

beautiful images

Millions of people have been vaccinated against COVID-19, so there are harsh opinions about how quickly normal life will return. Below is a sample coverage:

Managing director social conflict resolution

JPMorgan Chase & Co. CEO Jamie Dimon wrote that Rich and poor inequality needs to be addressed as part of an effort to resolve racial and other conflicts in the United States. But JPMorgan and other banks have pushed banks against the idea of ​​”Race fairness audit. “

Silicon Valley executives have a message of their own: ‘We don’t deserve to live in fear in our own country’.

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