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Welcome Maria Thomas as Buffer Product Manager

In July, we shared that we are looking for a product leader to help us develop Buffer in the next phase. After talking to a group of incredible talent in the product, I’m happy to share that Maria Thomas has joined us as our new Product Manager.

We are now one The company is 10 years old, and over the past year, I’ve been thinking a lot about the company’s purpose and how we can set ourselves up to reach the fullest potential and impact. Buffer’s mission is to provide essential tools to help small businesses start and thrive.

Maria has a wealth of experience working at SaaS and working with small businesses. Her most recent roles were as Vice President of Products at Bitly in the past two years and Deep in the previous three and a half years. These are all SaaS companies that have catered to small businesses and navigated the ups and downs of all that comes with that segment, including having a large number of free users. Maria also spent seven years building products for SMEs at Intuit.

The opportunity to appoint a CEO is rare, especially at a company like Buffer, where we have some very loyal and long-standing people who are striving to create a sustainable company. steadfast for decades. However, we can learn a lot from someone with experience about where we are trying to go, and with Maria we have found a great combination of experience and expertise. The significant subject we can learn and the excitement of the unique type of company we have. In particular, Maria and I have connected and had great chats around the freedom and creativity that can come with being unrestricted by VC investing and how that can help us stay focused. purely on the customer and ultimately more lasting success.

In the words of Maria herself:

I was inspired and humbled by Buffer. You have quite a few followers in the product management community. Some of my colleagues revealed that they had a long-standing crush on Buffer when they learned that I joined you as your CPO. I am delighted to be part of a leading product company focused on helping small and medium businesses, a profitable, transparent, sustainable SaaS business and a multi-team management team. number is female.

We are fortunate to benefit from all of Maria’s excellent experience with the product as well as her many years as CEOs of companies of similar size. Maria joined us late last year and has made a significant impact, helping us shape our goals and strategies for 2021. I believe that in the next few months, customers will start to see results. positive and tangible from her contributions.



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