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‘Well, my time has come’: Mondale writes to her employees in her last days

‘Well, my time has come.’

That phrase started the last message from employee Walter Mondale, former vice president and US senator from Minnesota. people died at the age of 93 on Monday. Message, Insider report, sent by email when Mondale dies.

Elsewhere in the 94-word message, mentioning “Dear Teams” and signing “Fritz”, Mondale praised the staff, saying that no civil servant has ever had a better team to work with. , commented that “we have done a lot” and encouraged to continue the “good fight”.

Mondale – a Korean War veteran and lifelong member of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmers Party, the organization in its own statement referred to Mondale as the party’s “Northern Star” – said in the letter “Joe [Biden] In the White House definitely comes in handy. “

President Biden has been quoted as saying that, after being awarded second place in Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential ticket, Mondale was the first person he was awarded.

Complete notes for Mondale employees, like the first published by Axios:

Dear team,

Yes, my time has come. I’m excited to rejoin Joan and Eleanor. Before I go, I want to let you know what you mean to me. Never before has a civil servant had a better group of people by their side!

Together, we’ve done a lot and I know you’ll keep fighting well.

Joe at the White House definitely helps.

I always knew it would be okay if I go somewhere and be greeted by one of you!

My best to you all!




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