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What are the main mistakes when recruiting new collaborators? Here we let you know

Be mindful and make no mistake when recruiting new members in your team.

April 22, 2021

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By: Alejandro Paz, country manager at Robert Walters Mexico

It’s 2021 and after learning how to surf in a pandemic era, you definitely need to bring a group of people together to grow your business. In the current context, it is very important to comment on the main mistakes when recruiting new collaborators.

In this sense, I share with you those are the bugs that we must pay attention to:

  • Unknown profile you are looking for: it It is very common that when organizations make a decision to look for a new resume, they compile a huge list of the skills and knowledge they need in a candidate. However, there is often an imbalance between what is sought, what is offered by the organization, and the market at large. For this it is important to analyze the location in detail, question the necessary skills and knowledge and know the market salary to ensure that the search is right and we have can compete for those records.

  • Job Advertising: Recruitment advertising is the first introduction to letting candidates know about the opportunity and feel engaged. A job ad is too general, little information will not attract qualified candidates, creating a double job to identify qualified candidates for vacancies.

Search to make sure your ad contains essential information, not over-promises of placement to avoid false expectations in the medium term. To make your ad more successful, include information about your location, location performance, expected results, necessary personal and technical skills, company information, team culture. function and what they can offer.

  • No employer brand: companies with employer brands will be able to position themselves in the mind of the best candidates; Being an invisible company can influence the number of people applying for it. It is important that the marketing and human resources team can create a strong employer brand that captures the daily life of the organization and can share the best stories of the employees in the organization.

  • Paper only: Nobody taught us to create CV, there is no training on this subject as it will be one of the most important factors when entering the labor market. We found that the 5-page CV covers the person since kindergarten and an infinite list of activities, but not a tangible outcome. Many times the format of the CV, as well as the design and content, can mislead the first impression and even affect diversity issues. If you get swept away, you can eliminate promising candidates.

We recommend having anonymous CVs in a consistent business format that allows you to analyze information from a more objective perspective. In well organized interviews that distort the voice, real cases can also be taken to learn more about an applicant’s way of thinking.

  • Balance between skills and technical knowledge: The pandemic has made it clear that in addition to technical skills, soft skills such as resilience, leadership, communication, and autonomy are required. There are competency-based interviewing models, as well as specialized tests that can help you determine outcomes between the position’s expectations and points where the candidate has or hasn’t developed.

  • The process is too long and slow: Do you have the best candidates? Be quick to decide! One of the worst mistakes you can make is creating endless processes with lots of interviews and where responses are delayed. If the candidate is not selected, they will only invest a lot of time and if you already have the perfect candidate, but you take time to respond, some other company may suggest and you will lose the candidate. at its best. Make sure the process is as fast as possible.



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