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What do Apple’s new privacy settings mean for you? | News about cybersecurity

The change will mean a new pop-up message in some of the crawl rights search apps Apple believes can be used to track people’s browsing habits across third-party apps. father.

Apple Inc on Monday will begin rolling out its iOS OS update with new privacy controls designed to limit digital advertisers from spying on iPhone users.

For more than a billion Apple iPhone users, the change will mean a new pop-up message in some apps seeking their permission to collect data that Apple believes could be used to track their browsing habits on third-party apps and websites.

For businesses, the rules could bring seismic changes to the mobile advertising market close to $ 100 billion if most iPhone users refuse to allow data collection, despite the exact impact. Still a question, according to industry experts.

What is Apple doing?

Apple is asking app developers who want to collect digital ad identifiers from iPhone users to display a pop-up saying the app “wants to have permission to track you across apps and websites. owned by other companies ”, along with explanation from the developer application about why the rights are being sought. Some mobile ad analysts believe less than a third of users have the ability to grant permissions.

IPhone owners also have a “track” menu in their phone’s privacy settings, where they can choose not to track all the apps on their phone with just one switch or choose from among apps. use to grant permissions.

What does this mean for developers and advertisers?

Both advertisers and app developers that sell inventory, say, if more iPhone users choose not to track, it will make ads less effective. The ad industry has long been collecting data on people’s browsing behavior to serve ads, such as clothing or cars, that users may be interested in.

Shrinking user data sources can lead to lower sales for brands and lower ad revenue for mobile apps and publishers. Apple’s move deepened its fractured relationship with Facebook Inc, the company said the change would hurt small businesses as it would hamper its ability to find local customers to target. target with advertising in a cost-effective way.

Why is Apple making the change?

Apple says it wants to give customers more control over whether data collected by apps is shared with third parties.

Can apps still collect data about iPhone users?

Yes, data collection is permitted if it is stated in the application’s privacy policy. The changes only affect app developers sharing the data they collect with a third party or mixing their data with external data from a third party to help with ad targeting. Apple introduced a privacy “nutrition label” to its App Store to show users what data apps collect.

Will iPhone apps still have ads?

Yes, iPhone users can still see ads even if they disavow new pop-ups, as long as those ads are targeted using the data the app developer has collected. For example, a social network like Facebook can still target ads based on first-party data, such as which groups of users join or which posts they like. But if Facebook wants to target ads based on data from third-party websites where users used their Facebook credentials to log in, it will need to get permission.



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