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What does Coinbase IPO mean for traders and investors?

April 23, 2021

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Coinbase premiered to the public last week, marking the debut of the first film listed in the United States exchanges. Before the IPO it was indicated at $ 380 and finally got its first print at $ 381. Put that into perspective, the initial reference price for electronic money Stock is $ 250.

Compared to when Bitcoin pandemonium hit the market in 2018, things are much different now. While digital currencies have been around for quite some time, Bitcoin has always been seen as the “underdog” and a form of payment used only by the nefarious “But the original characteristic of cryptocurrencies was based on eliminating middlemen and making payment transactions faster and, in many cases, more transparent thanks to blockchain technology.

This year has certainly seen a lot of firsts beyond the COIN IPO. Irreplaceable tokens (NFT) have also become ubiquitous, causing some investors to scratch their heads. We’re talking about original digital works with a current bid of $ 1 million. But if you understand the premise of the digital ecosystem, you will begin to understand what is driving love for digital arts and trading cards.

Time to choose the party?

If you are new to the market, should you start party picking now? In my opinion, the only side you should choose is the one that can satisfy you the most . In this context, diversification is important right now. Furthermore, it is paramount to properly understand how trading works and how to truly diversify. You must be able to make money from a variety of assets. Certain sectors will be hot and cold at different times, and capital can be leveraged as the end goal.

Maintaining diversity and sticking to a said strategy is easier than done, especially when there is so much hype around both markets right now. Whether you’re trading stocks for the day or looking to start investing in cryptocurrencies, maintaining diversity and developing a strategy that is truly more important than any taste of the day is electricity. death or stocks.

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What happens next after the Coinbase IPO?

When Coinbase goes public, it is not necessary to change the digital broker state among crypto traders. Will it grow? Chances are, but what will become the next development, and what role will Coinbase and the others play?

We have seen a lot happening over the past four years, with the crypto industry going through periods of volatility. We saw the demise of cryptocurrencies, the dark web markets closed, and lots of scam bitcoin miners closing their stores, causing millions of people to lose money following operations. But now Coinbase’s IPO could mark a timeline for cryptocurrencies and provide the mark of approval many early investors desire.

The Next Wave for Everything Digital

Things like crypto penny stocks are still a hot topic for retail traders. If you look at some of the lesser known names from last year, their stock prices have skyrocketed. Companies like the Marathon Patent Group and even the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust were trading around or below the $ 5 mark.

While there are still plenty of high-flying names that will definitely come to light Coinbase has done what not many other IPOs have done. It has narrowed the gap between currency traders and traditional stock traders, and when money is available, people will find a way to take advantage of it.

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The beginning of the beginning

Now the world of cryptocurrencies is on top, with some of the biggest crypto regulators in the world watching. As they wait in the wings and follow the first iteration of the ‘imminent digitization’, other early adopters are still expecting more evolution ahead, thanks to this latest IPO. .

The platform is still in its infancy because many new applications are being discovered, developed, and deployed. Application in things like the NFT, for example, has become one of the new ways DeFi the solution has been used.

Right now, Coinbase’s IPO has rocked both sides of this “coin” and it will certainly be remarkable as it involves further disruption in the investment world over time. .

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