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What does my Venus sign say about me and my worth?

In astrology, the signs of Venus are often associated with our particular preferences for love and relationships. While it is true that The sign of Venus can act like a blueprint for relationship success, this planet can also reveal more about each of us and our personal priorities. Like an astrologer Julia Topaz pointed out in a recent Instagram post, our sign Venus can reveal a lot about the things we value in several areas of our lives including ourselves, others, money, and work. Basically, our Venus position can reveal our likes (and dislikes), love and appreciation, and it affects our overall value system, astrologer. Astrology says Narayana Montufar.

To find out your sign of Venus, enter your birth information (date, time and place) in your favorites astrology app or online birth chart generator. Then keep reading to find out what the sign of Venus says about you and what you appreciate, according to Montúfar. Fair warning: You’ll feel watched.

According to an astrologer, what the signs of Venus reveal about your worth


People with Venus in Aries have two non-negotiable values: fun and excitement. “As one fire sign Ruled by active Mars, Venus in Aries natives are ambitious, energetic and very enterprising – Aries likes to go first anyway,” Montúfar says. This deep desire for joy and spontaneity is also something they appreciate in relationships (romantic and otherwise), she adds. And if that excitement starts to fade, so does their interest in the relationship.


Venus rules Taurus, so you will feel at home in this location, appreciating all the good things in life. “In this” Earth symbol, Venus worships comfort, sensuality, luxury and all things artistic,” says Montúfar. “In order to have a good life, these natives need money, which they earn quite well.” In relationships, Venus in Taurus values ​​deep commitment, and they often stay in it for the long-term, she adds.


As for Venus in Gemini, Montúfar says conversation, exchange and intellectual stimulation are paramount. She adds that diversity is also a top value, more than any other Venus position, as these people tend to get bored quickly. So it’s no surprise that Venus in Gemini tends to be sociable and fun to hang out with.


There are two things Venus in Cancer values ​​more than anything: family and self-care. “They value family relationships more than anything and are very close to [the people they love], that if someone messes with them, they will fiercely come to their rescue,” Montúfar said. “Since Cancer is ruled by the moon, Venus in Cancer people is [also] Big about taking care of yourself and needing plenty of rest and relaxation to feel good. “


Venus in Leo loves to give and take in a big way. “They are generous with their time, love, and money — and they not only want, but mà need Montufar said. In true Leo style, she adds, the position is hyper-magnetic and can be a bit redundant at times (read: dramatic). In relationships, Venus is Leo who values ​​romance and flashy affection. “When these people like someone, everyone around them takes notice,” she added.


According to Topaz, Venus in Virgo finds value through improving and fixing things, whether it’s relationships, projects or even yourself, this reflects a dedicated work ethic. Virgo’s hard work. “People with Venus in Virgo… are our own work of art, tirelessly pursuing our ‘flaws’ and improving ourselves,” Topaz writes in her book. Instagram post.


Montúfar says that Venus also rules Libra, which is why this position is considered lucky. She describes these people as chic, gentle, attention-grabbing social butterflies and abundant in many forms. Their interests include clothes, design, art, and the artistically gifted people who create them. They don’t like to include drama and bad manners.


“For Venus in Scorpio, privacy and intimacy are everything,” says Montúfar. “People with this position may appear tough on the surface, but they are actually very sensitive and can sometimes hide it.” They’re not talking about connections on a surface level, and she adds that the position is loyal, values ​​getting to know people on a deep level and tends to attract no-nonsense people like herself.


Venus in Sagittarius is free-spirited, fun to hang out with, and ready to do anything. “People born with this position are usually world-oriented, open-minded and yearning to live life to the fullest, but don’t try to tell them what to do — they don’t like it,” says Montúfar. “They love culture, diversity, and are surrounded by people from all walks of life.”


Venus in Capricorn is ambitious as hell. “People in this position work hard and play hard,” says Montúfar. “They know what they want and how to get it — and they also want quality over quantity.” Although they have a tough look, she adds that Venus in Capricorn also has a soft, romantic side.


Montúfar says: “The number one word for Venus in Aquarius is freedom, for Aquarius is ruled by the wild child Uranus. “They are independent and want to live, let others live. They admire people who, like them, are open-minded and dance to the beat of their own drums. ” Rule? No thanks.


“Venus in Pisces is the epitome of creative inspiration, so people in this position tend to value art, beauty, and creativity,” says Montúfar. “Venus in Pisces is not impressed with flashy or material things, this planetary sign combination really values ​​what’s inside, rather than the outside.”

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