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What if you can’t identify with your zodiac sign? This is why

AThe interaction may disappoint you if it only seems to apply to others. That is, you might like the notion of having the stars predict your future, but while your Scorpio friends feel like Scorpios, and your Gemini friends feel like Geminis, etc., profiles are assigned to you according to your solar sign just isn’t resonating with you. So what does it mean if you can’t identify your zodiac? Well, maybe you just don’t live up to who you really are.

“The personality in the birth chart – basically the person depicted by the position of the solar system in each constellation – is not you, but a description of your ideal person,” says Veroshk Williams, PhD, astrologer and clinical psychologist. “This personally guides through life to achieve the fundamentally ideal self. If you’re not the ideal person, that’s how you might feel like you’re not a match for your zodiac ”.

“The personality in the birth chart is not you, but the description of your ideal self. This personally guides throughout life to achieve the fundamentally ideal self. ” —Veroshk Williams, PhD, astrologer

Interesting. So instead of treating your solar sign as an indicator of your core identity, rearrange its description as something to yearn for – whom you can become at power. your highest force.

If you’re looking for a realignment to achieve this ideal description, Dr. Williams recommends learning more about your star markings and addressing any identity issues that keep you from feeling copper. best with it. “Basically, know all about who your ideal person is and make the effort to be it,” she said. “This can be done in conjunction with psychotherapy that focuses on self-concept, self-understanding and acceptance.”

If you want small intelligence, you can blend in with the element of your mark. For a summary, yes fire sign (Aries, Lion, Sagittarius), overhead sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), water sign (Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces), and Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). Dr. Williams suggests that apply what you know about your elements to everything in your life.

And if you suspect something else was the culprit, there might be other possibilities. Below, Dr. Williams outlines three main examples.

What if you don’t match your zodiac sign? These 3 situations could be the cause

1. You were born on the verge of two signs

“Another possibility might be that you are born on days when the sun usually changes from constellation to constellation, which are the 18-25 days of a month,” said Dr. Williams. “When you do a fertility chart online or through an app, it doesn’t accurately calculate your zodiac sign. This is why it is better to have professional astrology software for calculating your charts, which you get when reading with an astrologer. “

It is normal, though, to accept the features of another mark if you were born on top Out of the two, you are always one or the other. So if you were born on the day the sun is supposed to be changing into a new astrological season, you should do a reality check with an astrologer to see where you actually landed.

2. Parental influence

Dr. Williams said: “It can happen that someone doesn’t fit their zodiac because that person is brought up by strong personalities from other arcs, which makes it impossible to achieve. the harmony between the sun’s personality with himself. “For example, one person is Pisces raised by Virgo and Sagittarius parents. This combination of parenting can lead to misleading and confused self-esteem.

This checks for me personally. Although I am a Taurus throughout, mine Virgo and Sagittarius parents have certainly left me with an interesting identity crisis over whether I want to be a tramp that can take care of the devil or a planner to take care of everything.

3. You have too many planets in one sign

Remember, while your sun sign is considered your soul essence, there are other planets in the chart that provide shades of your personality. You can be different than yours star sign due to a strong one Venus locationOr you can communicate in a certain way for your Mercury sign. But if your Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Pluto are all at the same sign, then you might show up as a completely different sign.

Dr. Williams said: “Another reason for the bias is that your fertility chart affects more than another marker that is not your solar sign. “For example, you have the sun in Libra, but you have three other main planets in Lion. You can feel and act more like a Lion, not more like a Libra. The goal is to always look like your sun sign ”.

Of course, if you feel completely happy as another sign, who are we to tell you how to live? Get on with your fake Leo himself!

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