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What is Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper doing? Latest updates

KATE GARRAWAY’s husband Derek Draper contracted coronavirus a year ago in March 2020, leaving him seriously ill.

After more than a year in hospital, At last he came home he shared with GMB star their wife and children.

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Kate Garraway with husband Derek Draper, before he got sick – they are seen here with their kidsCredit: Splash News

What’s the latest on Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper?

On April 9, it was revealed that Derek had returned to his family home in North London.

Derek has now had all of his breathing machines and equipment removed – but his family is under control that still faces a “long and tiring” battle for complete health.

Kate has spent thousands of dollars remodeling their house for his return, and Derek will need 24-hour care as he fights back to normal.

A friend said: “The medical professional teams taking care of Derek have decided to release him from the hospital to receive 24-hour care at home.

The documentary Kate's Finding Derek makes the whole country shed tears


The documentary Kate’s Finding Derek makes the whole country shed tearsCredit: ITV

“They found that his awareness and consciousness have stalled and, if any, have been regressing over the past few months.”

On March 23, 2021, Kate Garraway’s documentary Find Derek aired on ITV.

In the movie, Kate shed tears when Derek said for the first time after a coma.

In the heartbreaking scene, Good morning England How the host revealed how it felt to see such progress after 214 days of hospitalization.

Kate shared a video of her husband during a detox session and captured the extraordinary moment.

The documentary showed all Kate and her family went through


The documentary showed all Kate and her family went throughCredit: ITV

When the doctor asked if the movement was okay, he said: “Pain”.

Speaking of moments later, Kate said: “So it was the first time I saw him say a word and he had a sore mouth, I saw it really clear and I said ‘hurt, pain’.

Unable to hold back the tears, the mother of two said, “I cry because it was a huge breakthrough – in fact his brain can communicate with his mouth to shape the word pain.”

Kate has gone through a lot since Derek got sick


Kate has gone through a lot since Derek got sick

Timeline of battle with Derek Draper’s coronavirus

Many stars like Piers Morgan and Ben ShephardKate presides Good morning England with, yes send their best wishes for the star and her husband.

Piers tweeted: “This broke my heart. Fewer people are happier, more active @kategarraway. Or a more loyal, kind friend & colleague.

“A lot of families like her go through so much unthinkable suffering in this crisis. Send all my love to Kate and continue to stick with Derek.”

She thanked everyone for their ceaseless support and wished other families experience similar difficulties with her best wishes.



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