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What is the fruit of the cashew? Nutrition, Health Benefits & Uses

Cashew, alcayoiba, cashew, cajuil, Indian County, cashew, paper, or Simple Some of the most popular global names relate to cashews. Although technically a nut, the cashew is the most popular part of the plant – loved for its creamy texture, high fat content, and Nutrient-rich profile.

Despite the dietary compliments of nuts, their apples (or fake fruit) go largely unnoticed. The cashew – or the round portion of the cashew, connected to the cashew nut – looks like a small oval boxing glove. Scientifically speaking, cashew apples are called filler fruits because they grow after the cashews have fully developed. Hence, the drug really either petiole The surrounding kidney-shaped shell is edible cashewYou will find at the end of the apple.

The cashew tree is Native to the tropical regions of Brazil and Venezuela and has grown wild since ancient times. Their introduction to coastal India and Mozambique began in the 16th century, thanks to Portuguese seed traders, and eventually expanded into Asia and Africa. Today, cashew trees are found globally in most warmer regions, with India and Vietnam leading in terms of cashew production in the world.

Cashews and their ancestral health applications vary widely depending on culture, availability and overall culinary traditions. In Latin America, cashew apples are often made into juices, wines, jams, salads and other delicious dishes (Empanadas, anyone?). In Asia, apple-inspired curries, vegetarian stir-fries, desserts, vinegar and chili sauces are among the delicious culinary creations of these fruits.



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