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What it is and why is it important in relationships

While it may sound like it, aesthetic intimacy isn’t about finding a partner you are very attractive to (or vice versa). “That’s when you share something beautiful as a couple,” Overstreet told mbg. “For example, watching the sunset, going hiking or going to an art gallery are all easy ways to build aesthetic intimacy.”

These experiences not only help hone our quality time; they also lead to cherished and shared memories.

“This kind of intimacy is important because it’s experimental,” said Overstreet. Since aesthetic intimacy occurs during specific shared moments, it allows couples to get along better during their time together, she said. It also helps couples create strong visual memories, which they can cute look back on in the future.

This doesn’t mean you and your partner have to agree on what you find beautiful. If you appreciate the outdoors and your partner doesn’t, that won’t automatically make you incompatible. Let’s say your partner decides to go hiking with you simply to support your passions and spending quality time with you. Overstreet explains that you’re still growing in terms of aesthetic intimacy.



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