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Hulu gave us “The story of the maid, “then gave us”Fire everywhere“So, personally, I don’t need another reason to love a streaming platform. But if I have a small business, I only have one.

In July 2020, Hulu announced Hulu Ads Manager, a self-service advertising platform designed for smaller advertisers with limited budgets.

Previously, Hulu ads could only reach top brands with enough finance to fund large campaigns. Small and medium businesses (SMBs) can now reach 92 million ad-supported viewers of the platform without spending thousands of dollars.

So, exactly how does Ad Manager work? We’ll cover that and more below.

How to use Hulu’s Advertising Services

Hulu’s self-service solution is currently in beta.

To access the platform as a beta user, you must first submit the RSVP form with information about your business.

Hulu Ads Manager RSVP page

If approved, setting up your ads is easy. Here are the steps.

1. Select the dates you want to run your ad campaigns.

2. Build your audience.

On Hulu Ad Manager, you can target users by age, interest, gender, location and, of course, display category. When it comes to location, you can narrow it down by state, city, ZIP code or specified marketing area (DMA).

However, you can’t choose the show where you want your ad to run, just the genre. If you’re not sure what will best suit your brand, take a look at the current program choices to see what happens.

3. Set your budget.

In order to run your ads on Hulu, you must have a minimum budget of $ 500 per campaign, significantly lower than the usual advertising costs on streaming platforms. For comparison, Amazon’s self-service platform for video advertising typically requires a minimum ad spend of $ 35,000.

4. Upload your video ad.

There are several requirements that your ad must meet in order to be approved:

The approval process usually takes up to three business days.

5. Make payment.

Currently, Hulu does not accept corporate bank accounts or debit cards for payment. You must use a credit card. If you choose to pause or cancel your campaign, you will pay only for impressions delivered.

6. Track your ad performance.

Once your ad is live, you can start monitoring its performance in Hulu Ads Manager.

Note that you won’t be able to find out when your ad was broadcast and during what time it was shown. However, you can expect to find standard metrics, such as impressions and clicks.

Hulu Advertising Options

In addition to Hulu’s most recent self-service option, the streaming service also offers two other advertising options:

  • There is advanced programming This is ideal for brands that want to leverage good looking audiences, CRM matching, and behavioral segments in their campaigns.
  • Act with broad calling With this option, you can integrate your branding with Hulu, create branded content collections, and serve ads in creative formats.

Each option caters to specific brand goals and can be designed to fit your budget.

For example, you might run brand enhancement studies, which are ads designed to measure consumer perception of your brand after a campaign.

Jillian Hope, explains that they can help brand advertisers understand the impact of showing Hulu campaigns on brand key KPIs.

Hulu Ads Pros and Cons

Profession: Hulu has a broad targeting ability.

With any of the three advertising options available on Hulu, you can use Hulu’s targeting features to reach your ideal viewers.

“[You have] Hulu’s ability to identify target audiences using Hulu’s first-party audience data or leverage audiences that look like using your own first-party data, ‚ÄĚsays Hope.

The level of targeting parameters will depend on which option you’re using. For example, if you’re using programmatic purchases, you can use visual audiences to match the exact user you’re looking for with Hulu’s viewers.

However, on the current beta version of a self-service solution, you can only target users by demographic and program category.

Even so, Hope adds that targeting on platforms like Hulu is much more advanced than traditional linear TVs.

Professional: Creative ad formats let you experiment.

On Hulu, you’re limited to video ads only if you’re using the self-service option. This platform offers more than 15 promotional products to reach viewers.

There are many ad formats available and a lot of innovation is going on, “said Hope. For example: [there’s the] New QR code integration is more desirable for direct responsive advertisers. “

It is only a matter of finding out which advertising product best suits your goals.

There is a cover story brand placement, for example, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your branding on Hulu’s homepage.

Hulu Ad Manager Ads Product example

Image source

Then there’s the ad selector, which puts the power back into consumers’ hands by letting them choose the ads they want to see.

Hulu Ad Manager ad selection tool

Image source

These are just a few of the ad formats you can choose from, each creating a different user experience. To see all of the ad formats available on Hulu, visit Hulu’s advertising product page.

Child: You can only achieve a lot on a limited budget.

One of the downsides to Hulu ads is that certain campaigns will require a bigger budget than you can afford.

“Some of the more premium ad placements, as well as brand enhancement studies, require minimum budgets to achieve statistical significance,” Hope said. “So they’re less achievable for the smaller advertisers.”

In this case, Hulu may not be the best platform for running these types of campaigns. You may want to choose a different advertising platform, like Facebook Ads, where you can reach more users who are still in your target audience for less.

How Hulu Ads Examples Can Announce Your Next Campaign

If you are not ready to activate the Hulu campaign, get inspired in the meantime.

See how other brands – especially your competitors – are using the platform to reach their target audience. This means looking at their ads, reviewing case studies, and monitoring consumer sentiment via social media.

This competitive intelligence can help you formulate your campaign strategy.

Since Hulu Ad Manager is still in beta, the platform will likely include more features after full launch. Meanwhile, SMBs can reach television viewers at a fraction of the previous cost.

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