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Where to travel in Australia this summer

With international travel plans still on hold and with no crystal ball at my disposal, I am starting to think that the year 2021 will be a great opportunity to explore more of my own backyard. . Wherever you are in the world, now is a great time to start traveling closer to home. And although you will never want to leave the house again, enjoying your own space and personal freedom on this planet is more important than ever. So where should you go to Australia this summer? These are our top picks!

Lord Howe Island, New South Wales

This is probably my favorite place across Australia. I could say that about a few places but really, Lord Howe Island is some other kind of magic. You will reach the island in less than two hours. Qantas Link flies between Sydney and the island on a daily basis, making it a great choice for Sydney travelers to get out of the city in no time.

While there, Lord Howe Island got a punch in terms of action. Every inch of the island feels like it was detached from a movie scene, and that’s probably why a number of Hollywood movies have been made here (most notably Blake Lively’s sharks flick , The Shallows).

Green Mountains Sydney Australia

Blue Mountains, New South Wales

Another great summer destination for those who prefer mountains over the beach is the Blue Mountains. You can reach the mountains in an hour by road or 90 minutes by train from Sydney. When you get there, it’s as quiet and peaceful as you can imagine from photos. If you are looking for tranquility and solitude, I cannot recommend a better destination.

Bruny Tasmania Island |  WORLD WANDERLUST

Bruny Island, Tasmania

On Tasmania there are many destinations with few or no crowds, and Bruny Island is no exception. Although its popularity has grown tremendously in recent years, Bruny Island still has plenty of solitude to attract visitors. There are endless beaches tucked away in quiet corners and some of them need a few hours of walking to get there. This just makes the destination much more worthwhile!

The Grampians, Victoria

When I visit the Grampians in Victoria, I have a deep nostalgia for my earlier trip to the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. So if you are looking for solitude and tranquility, this is the place to escape from the city. The Grampians can be reached in a three-hour drive from Melbourne. It’s a pretty nice drive as you go into the countryside and you can stop in the middle of Ballarat for lunch. During the summer, there is a multitude of activities on offer. You can use activities like rock climbing, kayaking and hiking. So if you are an adventurous traveler this is one of the best places to travel in Australia this summer.

Australian ocean road

Great Ocean Road, Victoria

As one of the most searched places to visit in Australia, it’s no surprise you see the ethereal Great Ocean Road on our list of summer must-see destinations! This is a great day trip from Melbourne if you’re looking to get away from the city, but a better weekend if you plan your trip ahead. If you are visiting as part of a larger tour of Australia, consider driving all the way from Melbourne to Adelaide and touring the south coast.

Guide to Kangaroo Island |  World of Wanderlust

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

If there was only one destination on this list that I wanted to travel on suddenly, it would be Kangaroo Island. The natural beauty of this island off the coast of South Australia is truly a must-see and my only regret when visiting a few years ago was not choosing to stay longer. You’ll need a week on Kangaroo Island to really make the most of your time here. With 509 km of coastline and native species like kangaroos (duh), sea lions and more, there’s really no end to the time you can spend here.

Norfolk Island Australia |  WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Norfolk Island

I’ve told everyone and anyone will hear that Norfolk Island is Australia’s best kept secrets. Since I visited four years ago, I have been very itchy to go back. Only something so unspoiled and untouched about this small island makes a punch! Even cows are given the way, as vehicles are expected to give way while they roam freely. On the island there is also a real sense of community, which makes you feel a world away from the structures of city life.

Flinders of travel alone |  WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Flinders Ranges, South Australia

While this may be the hottest time of the year to visit, we really don’t think there is a bad time of year to find ourselves in the Flinders Ranges. South Australia will give you the freedom to choose when it comes to adventure travel and Flinders is the mecca for adventure after adventure. The area is full of great hiking, from day treks to multi-day adventures. If you are ready for the challenge, Arkaba Walk considered one of the best walkways on offer in Australia. The highlight of my time on this trip was an evening sleeping under the stars in my area (pictured above).

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